Mountain hut near Bergen?

Dear Sir, I am traveling soon to Bergen to visit University for a week and I have a day off before I fly back (I have whole Sat and Sun morning). I like mountain hiking and I thought it would be nice to spend a night at a mountain hut near Bergen. However, I cannot…

Freshwater fishing trip?

Dear Sir/Madame, As we are visiting Bergen in the weekend of 13 & 14 oktober, we would like to book a freshwater fishing trip. We were wondering if you have some information for us about the possibilities. We don’t have any gear with us but are willing to buy some in case that rental is…

Norway Bergen Art - Ai Weiwei installation at Bergen Art Museum Lysverket

Ai Weiwei art in Bergen: 81 Wooden Balls

81 Wooden Balls in Bergen The new installation designed by Ai Weiwei were unveiled tonight in Bergen. The world-famous artist are being held back in China and could therefore not attend the opening here in Bergen. Ai Weiwei´s 81 Wooden Balls comprises 81 wooden polyhedrons, each of them constructed using the joining methods of traditional…

Secured Housing in Norway

Dear Sir,

We need secured housing in Norway through Rental Contract for period of 6 months for a single person.

The housing should be the CHEAPEST RATE , may be sharing & UNFURNISHED in Norway.

Please provide details. URGENT PLEASE.

Thanks & regards,


Penalty Charge Notice?

Dear Sir or Madam, I visited the Ulriken by cabelcar in Bergen the 22nd of august 2012. There I parked at the parking place of the Ulriken cabelcar (haukelandsbakken 40, Bergen) and I didn’t buy a parking ticket. Some days later I noticed that I got a Penalty Charge Notice which said that I have…

Short round-trip cruises to the fjords from Bergen

Good day to you!

We are considering a visit to Bergen next year (around 1st July) and are keen to obtain information (a) on places to visit in the city and (b) on short round-trip cruises (say up to 3 days) departing and returning to Bergen in the first days of July. Could you be so kind as to assist with such information?
Many thanks in advance,
Andreas V.

Visiting Flaam from Bergen

My husband and I are visiting Norway very soon. We want to travel to Flam on the 14th September from Bergen and return to Bergen from Flam on the 16th September.
I am a little confused as to where the famous flam railway goes to and from.
I had thought we might catch a fast ferry from Bergen to Flam and return on the train – or visa versa.
Could you possibly help out with suggestions of times costs and approximate travel times involved.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards
Jane D.