Update at March 7th 2018: Ice ready not for skating at the moment, we are waiting for the cold weather.

Skansedammen pond is located next to Skansen Fire Station just above the funicular in Bergen center.

Skansedammen pond is a former water reservoir for Skansen Fire Station in case of fire in the mountain side or downtown Bergen. Now this reservoir is turned into car park house with a thin layer of water on top, about 10-15 centimeters deep. The winter of 2016 first season with ice after the parking house was completed.

Members of the Skansens Battalion (bow brigade) is now preparing the ice so it will be good for ice skating. In addition, they work to improve the lighting in the evenings, perhaps they manage to put up lights the coming days. The plan is also to open a small kiosk where avid skaters and cold parents can buy coffee and sausages.

Getting to Skansedammen pond

You can walk up here in 10 minutes from the city center. You can also go with the funicular to Promsgate, but check when first the funicular is stopping at intermediate stations.

How much does it cost to go ice skating?

As of today, it is free to go ice skating on Skansedammen pond. You must bring your own equipment like ice skates.

Tips for parents: Good idea to bring something to sit on 🙂 Also remember that it gets dark early, so a flashlight or headlamp can also be useful to bring. Sausages in thermos is a classic.

And finally; Remember that all activity are at your own risk. If it’s a long time since you stood on ice skates, it may be okay to skip trying to go for the graceful pirouettes now. Maybe next time 🙂

Remember that the ice is for everyone. Be kind, be happy 🙂

Closest accommodation to Skansedammen

See Skansen Pension, Hanseatic Hotel, First Hotel Marin and Rosenkrantz Hotel.

Norway Bergen - Ice at Skansedammen Pond in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Ice at Skansedammen Pond in Bergen

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