New Bergen Airport Terminal in 2017

Norway Bergen - Bergen Airport from 2017.
Norway Bergen - Bergen Airport from 2017. Illustration by Nordic - Office of Architecture.

This new terminal is now under construction and it is located next to the existing terminal today.

New Bergen Airport Terminal in 2017

The new Bergen Airport terminal is planned to be opened in 2017. All entry and exit to all airline arrivals and departures will then be via this terminal.

The old terminal building will still be in operation. It will still be a part of the airport as a connected building. The existing entrance to the old terminal will be closed, you will only be able to use the new entrance in the new terminal building. So don´t worry about getting to the right terminal 🙂

The New Bergen Airport Area from 2017
Not at the illustration:

  • Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel opening in 2017 – outside the illustration at left side
  • Helicopter terminal – outside the illustration at right side

Referring to the illustration, from left to right:

  • New terminal building with underground light rail connection
  • Parking house (the box house)
  • The existing terminal building (planes in circle around it)
  • Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport connected to existing/old terminal
  • Car paring area
  • Road to/from airport at the bottom of the illustration (next to parking area)

New Bergen Airport Terminal Opening Date

The new terminal building is planned to be opened in August 2017.

Bybanen Light Rail to Bergen Airport

The Bybanen Light Rail line will be continued and connected to Bergen Airport. The south end terminal will be at Bergen airport.

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