Outdoors at USF Verftet in Bergen

Norway Bergen - Outdoors at USF Verftet in Bergen
Norway Bergen - Outdoors at USF Verftet in Bergen

USF Verftet is one of the most popular outdoors restaurants in Bergen. Here you can buy light meals and drinks. Very nice place to meet friends.

The highlights at USF Verftet are the outdoors atmosphere by the sea all day and in the evening.

The service is very slow. Very, very slow! It seems like the all the staff is new every summer so the transfer of experience as staff is zero. If you know your wine, then drinking wine here is a big winner. However, we still recommend this restaurant because of the atmosphere and location by the sea.

USF Verftet includes bars, a restaurant, concert areas, art workshops and art exhibition room.

It is located in the center of Bergen, next to the area called Nostet and the broadcast company TV2.

Also possible to go for a quick swim and maybe get a tan here in this area. Not recommended for children as it may be difficult to get up and out of the water.

Photo by Team Bjordal.



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