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Here you can see the Bergen Airport bus route.

Bergen Airport Bus Route explained

Express, no stops:

  • Bergen Airport
  • Kokstad
  • Tunnel: Knappetunnelen
  • Nygaard
  • Tunnel: Damsgaard tunnel
  • Bridge: Puddefjordsbroen
  • Tunnel: Nygaards tunnel

Bergen Airport Bus Stops in the center in Bergen

  • Bergen Bus Station
  • Festplassen
  • Fish Market
  • Bryggen

Bergen Airport Bus Route Facts
Driving distance: approx. 20 kilometers.
Driving time from last bus stop in the center of Bergen to the airport: 26 minutes

Please note:
Expect to use extra time driving in the center of Bergen because of other traffic.

Expect to use extra time during tourist peak hours getting on the bus in the center of Bergen. This is mainly in the morning hours.

Expect to use extra time driving during the rush hours of Bergen.

Norway Bergen Travel - Bergen Airport Bus Route
Norway Bergen Travel – Bergen Airport Bus Route

Bergen Airport Hotels

Norway Bergen Hotels - Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport – Next to Bergen Airport Flesland

Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport is a contemporary five-storey hotel located next to the Bergen airport terminal.
Norway Bergen - Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel

Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel – New Hotel Next to Bergen Airport

In the spring of 2017, Scandic opened its new convention hotel Scandic Flesland Airport at Flesland in Bergen.
Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport

Bergen Hotels Outside the Center of Bergen

Here we give you the good tips for accommodation outside the center of Bergen. In Bergen, you should either stay in the center or out towards the airport in the district of Fana. In the...