Winter in Bergen

Weather in Bergen

Bergen has a very mild climate during the winter. The temperatures do usually not go below minus 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But when it is 10 degrees Celsius, it may feel very cold because the high humidity and sometimes a breeze. We usually don’t have snow here in Bergen for more than a few days each time, and it is usually not more then 10 centimeters deep.

When it is snow here in Bergen, many people meets at the top of Mount Floyen for walking or skiing. If you want to go skiing, you’ll find marked tracks at Mount Floyen, lights along the track after sundown. Very popular.

Numerous paths offer easy walks through beautiful woodland terrain with lakes and mountains. Maps available at the Tourist Information Office in Bergen, some of the maps are free, some of them do you have to pay for. Most of the Museums and Galleries in Bergen are open also during the winter. Some of the Fjord Tours are also operated during the winter 🙂 Bergen is definitively worth a visit, all year around.

Average day temperatures for the autumn and the winter:
October: 11°C
November: 8°C
December: 5°C
January: 3°C
February: 3°C
March: 6°C

Norwegian name: Vinter i Bergen.
Location: Bergen.
Telephone: +47 55 55 20 00

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