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Norway Bergen - Fonna Fly in Bergen
Norway Bergen - Fonna Fly in Bergen
Norway Bergen - Fonna Fly in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Fonna Fly in Bergen

Fonna Fly just over the very center of Bergen

Seaplane harbor in Sandviken, 1.5 kilometers from the center of Bergen.

Noisy and disruptive planes and helicopters
Fonna Fly uses the very center of Bergen as their gateway when they are flying to their base in Sandviken (next to the center of Bergen), this causes a lot of noise in the city center and in Sandviken. Noise is actually defined as pollution.

In addition, there is an extra burden on the environment in the city centre as these planes and helicopters pollutes in the form of exhaust.

Huge security risk
Since the planes and helicopters flies directly over the city centre it is a large security risk as they may have technical problems or failure, and they may crash in urban and protected areas such as the UNESCO heritage listed Bryggen and densely populated residential areas as Skansen. The planes are also flying directly over many of the cruise ships in Bergen port and can therefore damage, hurt or kill thousands of tourists in case of a crash.

Based on this, please do not fly with Fonna Fly to the city center as long as they risk our lives and pollute our beautiful city. It is up to you now.

Location: Seaplane harbour in Sandviken, Bergen.
Address: Sandviken.
Telephone: +47 55 34 60 00.
Cell phone: +47 900 42 316.
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