Driving from Oslo to Bergen – RV7 Hardangervidda

Norway Hardangervidda - Driving from Oslo to Bergen - RV7 Hardangervidda
Norway Hardangervidda - Driving from Oslo to Bergen - RV7 Hardangervidda

The fastest route between Bergen and Oslo by car is the route RV7: Oslo, Gol and Eidfjord to Bergen. This route is often called ‘Hardangervidda’, this is the name of the national park it is going thru. Hardangervidda is a scenic mountain plateau. The road itself has the road name ‘RV7’ (on road signs) or ‘Riksvei 7’. The road is totally 464 kilometers long, expect to use approx. 6 hours and 50 minutes by private car.

The route is a part of ‘Tourist Road Hardanger’. We recommend extra time for stops along the trip. Remember your camera.

This is the route:

  • Oslo – 464 kilometers to Bergen.
  • Hønefoss
  • Nesbyen
  • Gol
  • Ål
  • Geilo
  • Mabodalen (Måbødalen) / Voringsfossen waterfall
  • Eidfjord – worth a stop,
  • Brigde over Hardangerfjorden / Hardanger Fjord (road toll)
  • Dale
  • Voss
  • Indre Arna
  • Bergen 🙂

When you are in Indre Arna you can go either via Espeland and Nesttun to Bergen or via Åsane to Bergen.

Driving during the winter season
The road may be closed for shorter periods during the winter because of the snow. If you drive from Oslo, you should visit Oslo Tourist Information Office and ask for updated road information. Please also note the tire requirements, this is very important! We can’t stress this enough.

General tips for driving
Let cars behind you pass you if they want to. Most Norwegians knows these roads and often wants to drive faster than tourists on sightseeing. If necessary stop on a bus stop. And drive safe 🙂

Location: East to West in Norway.
Address: Oslo – Gol – Eidfjord – Bergen