Bergen Aero Club (BAK)

Bergen Aero Klubb (BAK) is a club for general aviation. The club is situated at Flesland Airport close to the city of Bergen – Norway. The club was founded November 24th 1932, making it one of the oldest aviation activities in Norway. BAK is member of the Norwegian Aero Club (NAK), a nation wide organization which includes various air-related activities (soaring, jumping, models, motor).

BAK has four single-engine aircrafts available to the members, as well as one motor glider belonging to a soaring sub-group (BAK/Seilflygruppen) within the club. We operate from Flesland Airport, which is an international airport. The club facilities are found just north of the control tower.

The surroundings consist of islands, mountains, fjords, glaciers and the open sea.

We have a total of 240 members, around 40 of which are engaged in the soaring club. The club is one of the largest of its kind in Norway. If you come to visit us in the club house north of the tower, you will often find people you can talk to.

The club has its own ground school and practical training for the Private Pilots License (PPL). Ordinarily 5 – 10 participants attend the ground school each year. In order to obtain the license, you must be at least 18 years of age, but you can start the training at 17. The club has a “Search & rescue” team. You will never be fully trained as a pilot, and this is making piloting a very interesting and fulfilling hobby.

Norwegian club name: Bergen aero klubb.
Location: Bergen Airport, Flesland.
Address: Locates at Bergen Airport Flesland
Telephone: +47 55 22 70 92.