North Sea Traffic Museum (war museum)

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North Sea Traffic Museum (war Museum) - photo 1 Photo © Bergen Guide

The fishing village of Telavaag holds a special position in the history of occupied Norway. On April 30 1942, German forces destroyed and burned all houses herem, scattered the domestic animals and sank all fishing boats which they did not themselves put to use. All Norwegian men between the ages of 16 and 60, were arrested and deported to concentration camp at Sachsenhausen. Women, children and the elderly were sent to Hardanger where they were interned until May 1944. On the day of destruction of Telavaag, the two Gestapo agents who were killed there, were honored with a formal burial in Bergen. At Trandum the German shot 18 young Norwegian participants in the England sea traffic ring to compensate for the deaths of the German agents. In the fall of 1943 the second Norwegian agent, who had survived the skirmish, was shot. No other Norwegian village sacrificed as much during the war.

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Road 555, after Eide: follow sign to Telavaag. Or bus from the bus station in the center of Bergen (Bystasjonen/Bergen Storsenter).

Norwegian name: Nordsjøfartmuseet.
Location: Sotra, outside the center of Bergen.
Address: Telavaag at Sotra.
Telephone: +47 56 32 74 40.
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