Attractions in Sogn & Fjordane County

Author: Team Fjord Norway.

Half the joy of the Sognefjord is the many charming and eye-catching villages along the 204 km long fjord, such as Balestrand, known for its ornate Swiss-style houses. At the end of one of the innermost fjord arms lies the wonderfully preserved village of Laerdalsoyri. Rather than tearing down their old buildings in the 1960s and 1970s, the people of Lærdal established a new town centre, which could grow at its own pace. One of Norway’s most famous salmon rivers flows right through the centre of town.

For many cruise passengers, the Naeroyfjord is the climax of western Norway. There is a real danger of getting a stiff neck from peering up toward the tops of 1200 metre high mountains along the narrowing fjord.

Railway buffs consider Flaamsbana one of the most exciting train rides in all of Europe. The 20 km long railway, which passes through 20 tunnels, took 20 years to build. It is a masterpiece of engineering.

Hotels in Sogn & Fjordane County
In Sogn & Fjordane County you find the Kvikne’s Hotel (booking) in Balestrand, Hotel Mundal in Færland and the historic hotel Walaker Hotel in Solvorn.

The Kvikne family assumed ownership of the Kvikne’s Hotel in 1877, and have owned and operated the facility to this day. Norwegian tourism was revolutionised in the latter half of the 19th Century, and has been in continuous development ever since. The original hotel was built in the traditional “Swiss” architectural style and despite the many phases of expansion and restoration work, the appearance of the building remains true to the original concept. As a result, Kvikne’s is a modern hotel with personality and “soul” and with the atmosphere of centuries. With 200 rooms it is also one of the largest tourist hotels in Norway.

Walaker Hotel is situated by the seaside, in the small community of Solvorn, offering a splendid view towards the Urnes Stave Church across the fjord. The hotel has a large, beutuiful rose garden and 23 guestrooms. Also houses the Gallery Walaker 300 Gallery.

Hotel Mundal is an unspoilt example of Norway’s hotel traditions from the latter part of 1800. The hotel has maintained not only the original building and interior, but also the charm and atmosphere that is part of the Fjærland magic, and creates a unique experience. The hotel is open from 1 May to 30 September and can accommodate 50 guests, 20 in double rooms and 10 in single rooms. No two rooms are alike. All rooms have private facilities.

You’ll also find other hotels like Hotel Sogndal, Eikum Hotel and Dragsvik Fjord Hotel.

Norwegian name: Attraksjoner i Sogn og Fjordane.
Location: Fjord Norway
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