Bergen Attractions

Bergen Attractions

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Statsraad Lehmkuhl at Bradbenken - Bergen Norway

Barque Statsraad Lehmkuhl / Cruise

The Barque Statsraad Lehmkuhl is from Bergen. It is a three masted barque, sea launched in 1914. She is Norway's oldest and largest sailing vessel.
Fana Church (Fana Kirke)

Fana Church

Stone Church built in the middle of the 12th century.
Norway Bergen - Bergen city square Torgallmenningen by winter

Torgallmenningen – One of the Main City Squares in Bergen

Torgallmenningen City Square is one of the most popular meeting places in Bergen.
Norway Bergen Statues - The Homeless

Most Photographed Statue in Bergen

Nobody is only what you see.
Norway Bergen Attractions Parks - Festplassen

Festplassen – A Place to Relax and for Happenings

Festplassen is the recreation area between Lille Lungegaardsvann, Rasmus Meyers Allé, Christies gate and Kaigaten. It is used for the May 17th celebration (since 1929), fun fairs, amusement parks, feast day and festivals. Norwegian-English translation; Fest...
Norway Bergen - Bryggen in Bergen by night

Bryggen in Bergen – Dating Back 900 Years

Hanseatic Bryggen in Bergen - Building tradition dating back almost 900 years. Come visit, see and feel the Bergen history
Bryggen Museum, outside

Bryggen Museum Bergen

The archeological excavations of Bryggen.
Hanseatic Museum, sleeping area

Hanseatic Museum – Most Interesting Museum I Have Visited

Hanseatic Museum Bergen has old interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries. Here you find useful information about the museum...
Rasmus Meyers Collection

[KODE 3] Rasmus Meyers Art Collection – Norwegian art history

«Rasmus Meyers Collection» contains main works from Norwegian art history from the 18th century to 1915, i.e. J.C.Dahl, Tidemand and Gude, Werenskiold, Chr. Krogh, as well as a notable collection of Edvard Munch. The museum...

Bergen Fish Market – Torget i Bergen

The world famous fish market in Bergen.
Norway Bergen - Fantoft Stave Church

Fantoft Stave Church

Stave Church originally built in Fortun in Sogn in 1150.
Norway Bergen - Ole Bull Grave (died in 1880)

Ole Bull Grave (died in 1880)

The Ole Bull grave site in Bergen
Norway Bergen Attractions - Rosenkrantz Tower

Rosenkrantz Tower

Combined residence and fortified tower to Bergen, dating back to medieval times. Great view from the top!
Norway Bergen Churches - St. Marys Church / Mariakirken

St. Mary Church – Now open again

St. Mary Church is the oldest building in Bergen. The church is from the first half of the 12th century, and one of the most outstanding Romanesque churches in Norway.
Norway Bergen Churches - Bergen Cathedral / Domkirken

Bergen Cathedral (Domkirken)

Bergen Cathedral, a church with a long and turbulent history.
Norway Bergen - Ludvig Holberg statue in Bergen

Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754)

A Johan Borjeson statue of Ludvig Holberg
Norway Bergen - Sailors Monument

Sailor’s Monument in Bergen

A seven meter high monument located at Torgallmenningen.
Norway Bergen - Snorre Sturlason

Snorre Sturlason (1179-1241)

A Gustav Vigeland statue at Bryggen/Dreggen in Bergen.
Norway Bergen - St John's Church / Johanneskirken Bergen

St John’s Church in Bergen (Johanneskirken)

St John's Church in Bergen was built in 1894. It is one of the finest neo-Gothic churches in Norway. Organ recitals frequently.
Norway Bergen service - The tourist information office in Bergen, brochures

Bergen Tourist Information Office

The Tourist Information Office in Bergen. All the information you need on Bergen and the fjords in one place.
Norway Bergen - Hiking with Marit

Mountain Hiking with Marit

One of the main attractions of Bergen is the mountains surrounding the city. Bergen is an urban town with great scenic surroundings that you can explore. Mountain hiking is an important part of the...
Norway Bergen Attractions - Bergen Aquarium

Bergen Aquarium

Bergen Aquarium has one of the most extensive collections of marine fauna in Europe. The Bergen Aquarium is located on the outermost point of Nordnes, with a delightful view over the approach to the...

Leprosy Museum – St. George’s Hospital

Bergen Collection of the History of Medicine.

Ole Bulls Plass City Square

Ole Bulls Plass is a popular city square and meeting point in the very heart of Bergen. Read more about it here...

KODE 4 Lysverket Art Collection – Norwegian and Foreign Art

Lysverket Art Collection includes Norwegian and foreign art from the 1400's until the 20th century. The main exhibition is renewed every spring, partly to show the newly purchased art works. Picasso, Miro, Edvard Munch and...
Stenersens Collection, one of the altering exhibitions

[KODE 2] Stenersens Art Collection – contemporary art

«Stenersens Collection» is the contemporary art collection in the Bergen Art Museum. Here you find altering exhibitions. Giving you more questions than answers. At Stenersen you will also find a notable collection of Norwegian and...
Stenersen Collection, one of the altering exhibitions

Bergen Art Museum (KODE Museums Bergen)

Bergen Art Museum includes Stenersens Collection, the Rasmus Meyers Collection and Lysverket Collection. All the the museums are locatated next to each other. «Stenersens Collection» the contemporary art collection. Read more and see photos at...
Bergen Contemporary Art Center, one of the altering exhibitions

Bergen Contemporary Art Center

Bergen Kunsthall is one of Norways largest institutions for contemporary art. The institution consists of three showrooms: Kunsthall, the main area with four spaces, the salesgallery No.5, and Landmark, screening room for multimedia, video-art,...
Norway Bergen Attractions - Haakon's Hall

Haakon’s Hall

The largest and most imposing building of the royal residency in the 13th-century.
Norway Bergen Attractions - Edvard Grieg Museum and Troldhaugen

Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen – Home of Edvard Grieg

The Home of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.
Norway Bergen - Mount Ulriken cable car

Mount Ulriken – Highest Mountain in Bergen

Come and see the unique view from the top of Mount Ulriken! The Ulriken Mountain Restaurant is open when the cable-car is running. Dinner, beer and wine. During summer the outdoor restaurant serves grill food.
Norway Bergen - Catfish at Bergen Aquarium

Norwegian Museum of Fisheries

A look at Norway's fishing industry.
Johan Nordahl Brun grave

Johan Nordahl Brun Grave (Died in 1924)

The Johan Nordal Brun grave site in Bergen
Norway Bergen Attractions - Witch Stone

Witch burning in Bergen – Witch Stone

The Witch Stone in memory of the women and men.

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Norway Bergen Apartments - ApartmentsBergen


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