Bergen Attractions

Bergen Attractions

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Norway Bergen - Bergen Museum, cultural history department - Madonna

Bergen Museum Cultural History Department

At the Bergen Museum Cultural History Department you will see the famous exhibition: Church art in Norway 1100-1750. Also cultural and historical material...

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Norway Bergen - Damsgaard Manor

Damsgaard Manor – the most splendid manor in 1770

The most splendid manor in the city.
Lying Poet - Sculpture made by Hans Jacob Meyer

Lying poet

A sculpture made by Hans Jacob Meyer. Presented first time in 1958. Located at next to the 'Blue Stone'. Norwegian name: Liggende poet. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Ole Bullsplass
Mount Floyen view

Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floybanen)

Magnificent views over the surroundings islands. Numerous paths offer easy walks through beautiful woodland terrain.
VilVite Science Center, bike

Knowledge Center «Want to Know» VilVite

Science discovery centre for the promotion of science and technology among children and people of all ages.
Norway Bergen - Lovstakken Mountain

Lovstakken Mountain

Mount Lovstakken - One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 477 meter above sea level. Located west of the center of Bergen. Great views from the top to Gullsteinen and Nordaasvannet...

Lysekloster / Monastery of Lyse

Ruins of an Cistercian Abbey erected in 1146.
West Norwegian Museum of Decorative Art in Bergen

[KODE 1] West Norwegian Museum of Decorative Art – Closed in 2015 and 2016

Exhibitions of arts, craft, and design.
Norway Bergen Art - Ai Weiwei installation at Bergen Art Museum Lysverket

Ai Weiwei art in Bergen: 81 Wooden Balls

81 Wooden Balls in Bergen The new installation designed by Ai Weiwei were unveiled tonight in Bergen. The world-famous artist are being held back in China and could therefore not attend the opening here...

Fresco Hall (Matborsen)

The old Bergen Exchange with fresco paintings
Norway Bergen Art - Mother and Child

Sculpture Mother and Child

A statue made by Gustav Vigeland.
Nautic Sailing

Sailing in the Norwegian Fjords – Nautic Sailing

Nautic Sailing offer sailing yachts in Bergen and complete sailing tours for even the most demanding companies. Nautic Sailing offer an exclusive and luxury sailing cruise on the west coast that you never forget. A trip...
Arboretum Rhododendron Fana Bergen

Arboretum and Botanical Garden at Milde

Visit when the Rhododendrons comes to flower. The largest Nordic collection of Rhododendrons. 5000 plant species from around the world. Norway's largest collection of roses

City walks in Bergen

Join the city walk to get the most out of your Bergen visit
Bergen Folklore music and flok dance

Bergen Folklore – traditional Norwegian folk dance

Traditional Norwegian folk dance and music.
Skansen Fire Station, outside

Skansen Fire Station

Skansen Fire Station was built in 1903 after a big city fire in 1901. Nice view from the fire station.


Kinsarvik is located in the Ullensvang municipal. Express boat from Bergen.
Skansen Fire Station View

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Shortest street in Bergen – Bekketomten

The shortest street in Bergen is 18 meters long.

Lyderhorn Mountain

According to the Norse legends, Lyderhorn was a place where witches got together. One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 396 meter above sea level. Well known land mark for sailors, way...
Norway Bergen - Hiking at Mount Rundemanen

Rundemanen Mountain

Popular hiking paths since the 1920's 565 meter above sea level. One of the classic mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. Has been one of the most popular hiking paths since the 1920's. Path connection...

Damsgaard Mountain

One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 284 meter high, located west of the center of Bergen. Hiking paths to the top. Norwegian name of the mountain: Damsgaardsfjellet.

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Fjord Travel Norway (tour organizer)

Independent travel, fjord cruises and tours in Norway

Bergen Aero Club (BAK)

Bergen Aero Klubb (BAK) is a club for general aviation. The club is situated at Flesland Airport close to the city of Bergen - Norway. The club was founded November 24th 1932, making it...

Folgefonni Glacier Guide Team

You will meet us in the morning breeze from the glacier. In anticipation of a different landscape ahead we find our way past running water and over burnished slopes of naked rock. At length...

Bergen Gem and Mineral Shop

Copyright Bergen Guide. At the picture you see Mr. Sigmund Ellefsen showing a 'Thulite' stone, this is the Norwegian national stone. In his shop at Bryggen, you may buy stones, jewellery, gifts, watches and...

The Seven Mountains Surrounding Bergen

Copyright Bergen Guide These are the seven mountains surrounding Bergen: - Mount Ulriken, 631 meter. - Mount Floyen, also known as Floyfjellet, 399 meter. - Sandviksfjellet, 392 meter. - Lovstakken, 477 meter. - Lyderhorn Mountain, 396 meter. - Damsgaardsfjellet, 284...

Kunstgalleriet URD – Galleriet

Located at the 5th floor. Location: Galleriet Shopping Mall. Center of Bergen. Address: Torgallmenningen 8

Bergen in the Middle Ages and Mount Floyen

Bryggen wandering and hiking at Mount Floyen

Culture & Nature

Sightseeings and lunch

Vannanlegg – Water arrangements

Water art.


Sculpture made by Sofus Madsen

Rental Apartments in Bergen (like AirBnB)

Little Homes, outside the house

Little Homes (Rental Apartments)

Family residential property in Sandviken, one of the most picturesque areas in Bergen. Here you will find a cosy, special and well equipped Apartment in a house built in the early 18th century, and rich on culture and traditions.

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