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National Day May 17th

Norway National Day at May 17th and the Norwegian National Costumes

Here you can see both Norwegian national costumes and the great atmosphere in the street called Olav Kyrres Gate (the street of King Olav Kyrre, also founder of Bergen in year 1070) at the...

Damsgaard Mountain

One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 284 meter high, located west of the center of Bergen. Hiking paths to the top. Norwegian name of the mountain: Damsgaardsfjellet.

Nykirken Bergen

Style of the early 18th century.

Bergen Maritime Museum

The history of seafaring.

The Church of the Cross (Korskirken)

The history of the Church of the Cross goes back to 1181 when the Holy Church of the Cross was first erected. The name has no connection with... Read more...
Norway Bergen - Costal Express Ship Nordkapp by Bryggen

Hurtigruten – The famous Costal Express

A very popular 12 days long trip along the magnificent Norwegian coast.

Hanseatic Assembly Rooms Museum – Schotstuene Bergen

Vividly illustrate social life at the famous UNESCO site Bryggen in Bergen.
Norway Bergen - Hordaland Art Centre

Hordaland Art Centre – the first artist run art centre in Norway

Hordaland Art Centre was established 1976 as the first artist run art centre in Norway. Its activities are based around the exhibition program with equal emphasis on seminars, presentations and dialogue. Hordaland Art Centre...
Norway Bergen - Theatre Bergen - DNS - Den Nationale Scene

DNS – National Theatre Scene Bergen (Den Nationale Scene)

The theater in Bergen with over 150 years of history.
St. Jorgen Church (Leprosy Church)

St. Jorgen’s Church

The church forms part of the old leprosy hospital buildings.
Norway Bergen - Tippetue hiking path view

Great view from Tippetue hiking path in Bergen

This is view from one of the many hiking paths from the center of Bergen to the top of Mount Floyen. This hiking path is called "Tippetue". In the front you see the center of...
Norway Bergen - USF Culture House Bergen

USF Culture House Bergen

A private owned house for artists. Capacity of approximately 1600 persons indoor.

Nygaardsparken Recreation Park – Closed for Renovation

Nyggardsparken Recreation Park is a lovely park next to the center in Bergen. The park was built in 1880 opened in 1885 for the public, then known as Nygaards Park Society (Nygaards Parkselskap). Approx....

Gallery KRAFT – Norwegian Arts and Crafts Shop

Clothing, metal, jewelry, glass and wood. In the very center of Bergen.
Norway Bergen WW2 - Kvarven Fort Bergen

Hellen Fort Bergen – in WW2 combat in April 1940

Hellen Fort is strategically located by the shipping route to the city of Bergen. The fort was built here to protect Bergen from attack by sea around the time of dissolution of the union...
Norway Bergen - S12 Glass Gallery and Workshop

S12 Glass Gallery and Workshop

S12 is an artist-run exhibition space and open-access studio for glass art and design. Stop by and experience how glass art is created. See 4-5 art exhibitions a year with the focus on glass...
Norway Bergen - Bergen Museum, cultural history department - Madonna

Bergen Museum Cultural History Department

At the Bergen Museum Cultural History Department you will see the famous exhibition: Church art in Norway 1100-1750. Also cultural and historical material...

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Lying Poet - Sculpture made by Hans Jacob Meyer

Lying poet

A sculpture made by Hans Jacob Meyer. Presented first time in 1958. Located at next to the 'Blue Stone'. Norwegian name: Liggende poet. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Ole Bullsplass
VilVite Science Center, bike

Knowledge Center «Want to Know» VilVite

Science discovery centre for the promotion of science and technology among children and people of all ages.
Norway Bergen - Lovstakken Mountain

Lovstakken Mountain

Mount Lovstakken - One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 477 meter above sea level. Located west of the center of Bergen. Great views from the top to Gullsteinen and Nordaasvannet...

Lysekloster / Monastery of Lyse

Ruins of an Cistercian Abbey erected in 1146.
Norway Bergen Art - Ai Weiwei installation at Bergen Art Museum Lysverket

Ai Weiwei art in Bergen: 81 Wooden Balls

81 Wooden Balls in Bergen The new installation designed by Ai Weiwei were unveiled tonight in Bergen. The world-famous artist are being held back in China and could therefore not attend the opening here...

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Skansen Fire Station View

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Great nature. Lofthus is located in Ullensvang municipal. Express boat from Bergen.

Rosendal and the Rosendal Barony

Scandinavia's smallest baronial manor, built in 1665. Located in Kvinnherad municipal. Express boat from Bergen.

Fjord Travel Norway (tour organizer)

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Folgefonni Glacier Guide Team

You will meet us in the morning breeze from the glacier. In anticipation of a different landscape ahead we find our way past running water and over burnished slopes of naked rock. At length...

Kunstgalleriet URD – Galleriet

Located at the 5th floor. Location: Galleriet Shopping Mall. Center of Bergen. Address: Torgallmenningen 8

Bergen in the Middle Ages and Mount Floyen

Bryggen wandering and hiking at Mount Floyen

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