Norway Bergen - Snorre Sturlason

A Gustav Vigeland statue at Bryggen/Dreggen in Bergen.

A seven meter high monument located at Torgallmenningen.
Norway Bergen Sculptures - Danish Girl - Dansk pige

The sculpture Danish Girl is a 2.05 meter high statue made by Gerhard Henning (1880-1967) in 1955. Located in the front of Bergen Art Museum in the center of Bergen. This is a part of...
Lying Poet - Sculpture made by Hans Jacob Meyer

A sculpture made by Hans Jacob Meyer. Presented first time in 1958. Located at next to the 'Blue Stone'. Norwegian name: Liggende poet. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Ole Bullsplass
Norway Bergen Art - Mother and Child

A statue made by Gustav Vigeland.

Water art.

Sculpture made by Sofus Madsen

Two statues made by Stephan Sinding

A Bernar Venet sculpture in memory of Harald Seaverud.
Red Wind in Byparken

A 5.80 meter high sculpture made by Arnold Haukeland (1920-1983). First time presented in 1978. The inspiration behind the sculpture was the warm wind from the Sahara desert. This wind is called scirocco. Norwegian name:...

A Johan Borjeson statue of Ludvig Holberg

Statue of Nordahl Grieg, made by Roar Bjorg

A Gustav Vigeland statue of Bjornstjerne Bjornson

A statue made by Ingebrikt Vik

A Nils Raa statue just outside the national theater in Bergen.

A Sofus Madsen statue at Bryggen/Dreggen.
Grinegutten statue in Byparken

Statue in the Byparken (the city park)

Sculpture of the Bergen founder, Olav Kyrre.

Statue at the Bergenhus Fort

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Jeppes House, the living room

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