Ole Bulls Plass

In 1917 this area was named after the violinist and composer Ole Bull. At his square you’ll see sculptures like Ole Bull and Lying Poet. At this square you’ll also find of the most well-known meeting places in Bergen: The Blue Stone. This work of art is created by Asbjorn Andersen. Location: Center of Bergen.

Sportsklubben BRANN (SKB)

Photo © Bergen Guide Brann is, in some terms, the biggest club in Norwegian soccer. Admittedly not in trophies, but the club has a great history and has maintained a dominant position in domestic sport for almost a century. Brann was cup finalist as early as 1917, and as late as 1999. No other club […]

May 22nd – June 1st 2013: Night Jazz (Nattjazz)

Night jazz (Nattjazz) is the longest jazz festival in Northern Europe and is arranged during late May, early June in Bergen. Concerts are presented throughout the festival period, both at the festival area and at other venues in the city. The festival area is an old sardines factory which is now used for concerts, exhibitions, […]