Events Bergen, whats on in Bergen – Here we list many of the annual events in Bergen and the areas around Bergen.

New Years Eve 2014 in Bergen

Most people in Bergen celebrates New Year’s Eve either with family or at private parties. There are also a number of nightclubs that are open this evening. The night club called Ricks use to be open at New Years Eve. Fireworks are prohibited in the Bergen city center due to fire danger and risk of […]

September 2013: Bergen Wine Festival

September 2013: Bergen Wine Festival

Bergen wine festival in 2013 will be held September, dates not given yet. This will be three days with producer visits, lectures, tastings, wine train, winemaker’s dinners and ending with the wine expo in the Logen venue. Fourteen restaurants and wineries in Bergen stands behind the event which was held for the first time in […]

July 6th 2013: Bergen Photo Walk 2013

July 6th 2013: Bergen Photo Walk 2013

The best introduction to Bergen is an enthusiastic local who loves the city. The Bergen Photo Walk is primarily intended as a social walk where like-minded people go for a walk in the town to take pictures, led by a local person living in Bergen. Please note, your walk leader isn’t a city guide, but […]

Borealis – Bergen Contemporary Music Festival

We are happy to welcome Borealis, a new festival of contemporary music in Bergen. Borealis is a new festival that builds on the best of the well-established festivals, Music Factory and Autunnale. 25 concerts, performances, music theatres and sound installations. Everything from the beautiful, quiet and lyrical to the heavy drums with electronics and comics. […]

Octoberfestival in Bergen

Those who already have experienced the real Octoberfest in Germany know what they can look forward to, in a much smaller scale This will be an ecperience you can’t miss! Norwegian name: Oktoberfestival i Bergen. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Next to the Fish Market in Bergen Telephone: +47 93 20 03 20.

Sportsklubben BRANN (SKB)

Photo © Bergen Guide Brann is, in some terms, the biggest club in Norwegian soccer. Admittedly not in trophies, but the club has a great history and has maintained a dominant position in domestic sport for almost a century. Brann was cup finalist as early as 1917, and as late as 1999. No other club […]

May 22nd – June 1st 2013: Night Jazz (Nattjazz)

Night jazz (Nattjazz) is the longest jazz festival in Northern Europe and is arranged during late May, early June in Bergen. Concerts are presented throughout the festival period, both at the festival area and at other venues in the city. The festival area is an old sardines factory which is now used for concerts, exhibitions, […]

June 2013: Bergen Game Festival

Games tournaments featuring national and international champions, family activities and entertainment. Including competitions in Twister, Risk, Monopoly, Darts, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Bridge, Chess, Poker, Backgammon, Pub Quiz and much more.