Norway Bergen events - Market day Torgdagen in Bergen - M/S Oster

June 13th 2015: Market Day in Bergen (Torgdagen)

At the world famous Bryggen (the wharf) and in the port area, the urban meet country life this day. You can experience a vibrant boat life with all sorts of interesting old wooden boats, small boats and ships in the harbor, do a good market trading in the traditional style, meet happy people in new and old fashion clothes, and enjoy one of the many outdoor cafés in the city center.

Octoberfestival in Bergen

Those who already have experienced the real Octoberfest in Germany know what they can look forward to, in a much smaller scale :) This will be an ecperience you can’t miss!

Norwegian name: Oktoberfestival i Bergen.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Address: Next to the Fish Market in Bergen
Telephone: +47 93 20 03 20.