Events Bergen, whats on in Bergen - Here we list many of the annual events in Bergen and the areas around Bergen.

Norway Bergen - Statsraad Lehmkuhl sail cruise

Tall Ships Race will Visit Bergen in 2019

Bergen has been selected as one of the ports that will be visited by the Tall Ships Race in 2019. This will be the fifth time, earlier in 2008, 1993, 2001 and 2014. The Tall...
Norway Bergen events - Market day Torgdagen in Bergen - M/S Oster

June 11th 2016: Market Day in Bergen (Torgdagen)

At the world famous Bryggen (the wharf) and in the port area, the urban meet country life this day. You can experience a vibrant boat life with all sorts of interesting old wooden boats, small boats and ships in the harbor, do a good market trading in the traditional style, meet happy people in new and old fashion clothes, and enjoy one of the many outdoor cafés in the city center.
Stoltzekleiven hike

September 2016: Stoltzekleiven Up (hard)

A very hard run up Mount Sandviken, a path called Stoltzekleiven. Elevation 313 meters.
Norway Bergen - Fireworks in Bergen

New Years Eve 2015 Fireworks in Bergen

There will be public fireworks in the center of Bergen on New Years Eve 2015.
Norway Bergen - Mount Floyen Folk Restaurant winter scene

New Years Eve 2015 Events in Bergen

New Year's Eve Parties in Bergen: There are a number of bars and nightclubs that are open at New Year's Eve in Bergen. Read more here...
Norway Bergen - Idyllic winter mood at world famous Bryggen

Christmas Celebration 2015 in Norway

Practical information about what happens when during the Christmas time. read it here...
Norway Bergen Events - Light Fest (lysfest) in Bergen

November 28th 2015: Bergen Light Fest (Lysfest Bergen)

Each year we have a gathering in the center of Bergen where we celebrate the light.
Norway Bergen Events- Bergen Gingerbread City

December 2015: World’s Largest Gingerbread City

Bergen has the world’s largest and finest gingerbread town. Kindergartens, schools, businesses and thousands of individuals have contributed every year since Christmas in 1991.
Norway Bergen - Lighting of the Advent Candles at Mount Floyen

Lighting of the Advent Candles 2015 at Mount Floyen in Bergen

Lighting of the Advent Candles at Mount Floyen Bergen will be at: First light at November 30th, then...
Bryggen in Bergen

International Hanseatic Days 2016 in Bergen

Hanseatic Days will be arranged in Bergen from June 9th to June 12th in 2016. Bergen is a member of the 180-strong modern league of hanseatic cities. Every year one city hosts the Hanseatic Days....
Norway Bergen - World Cycling Championship in 2017

Bergen is awarded the UCI World Road Cycling Championship in 2017

World Road Cycling Championship in 2017 will be held in Bergen Norway. Bergen have driven a year-long battle for this road cyclist championship, and today came the happy message via a telephone call from UCI:...
National Day May 17th

Norway National Day at May 17th and the Norwegian National Costumes

Here you can see both Norwegian national costumes and the great atmosphere in the street called Olav Kyrres Gate (the street of King Olav Kyrre, also founder of Bergen in year 1070) at the...
Norway Bergen - USF Culture House Bergen

USF Culture House Bergen

A private owned house for artists. Capacity of approximately 1600 persons indoor.
Koengen - Bruce Springsteen Concert, June 10th 2009

Koengen Concert Arena

Finding the Koengen concert arena in Bergen

May 17th: Norwegian Constitution Day

In order to understand the dominant place occupied by the celebration of the 17th of May in the national consciousness it is necessary to view it against its historical background.

Octoberfestival in Bergen

Those who already have experienced the real Octoberfest in Germany know what they can look forward to, in a much smaller scale :) This will be an ecperience you can't miss! Norwegian name:...

West Norwegian Opera

West Norwegian Opera

West Norway Jazz Center

A concert organizer of top quality concerts (jazz music).

Sportsklubben BRANN (SKB)

Photo © Bergen Guide Brann is, in some terms, the biggest club in Norwegian soccer. Admittedly not in trophies, but the club has a great history and has maintained a dominant position in domestic...

Rental Apartments in Bergen (like AirBnB)

Little Homes, outside the house

Little Homes (Rental Apartments)

Family residential property in Sandviken, one of the most picturesque areas in Bergen. Here you will find a cosy, special and well equipped Apartment in a house built in the early 18th century, and rich on culture and traditions.
Norway Bergen Apartments - Alkoven - Rent a room

Alkoven – rent a room

Kleivesmauet Apartment, the kitchen

Kleivesmauet Apartment

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Norway Bergen - Bergen Airport from 2017.

New Bergen Airport Terminal in 2017

This new terminal is now under construction and it is located next to the existing terminal today.
Norway Bergen - Bergen winter scene

Amazing Bergen Winter Scene