Bergen Area

Bergen Area

Read more about what the other municipals in Hordaland County can offer you as a tourist. Many of these places you can visit on a mini vacation from Bergen.

Norway Voss - Tvinde Waterfall (Tvinnefossen)

Tvinde Waterfall (Tvinnefossen) – 152 Meter High Waterfall

Popular 152 metre high waterfall close to Voss. There is a path to the top of the fall.
Norway Austevoll - Old Telephone Booth

Old Norwegian Telephone Booth

Meanwhile in Norway, cute and old Norwegian telephone booth. Made of wood, of course.
Norway Sotra - Marsteinen Lighthouse

Sotra Highlights – 10 Good Reasons to Visit Sotra

Sotra is a nice place to visit if you like the sea. Here you can go hiking, fishing, diving, eat seafood and visit an amazing lighthouse.

Fjell Fortress – Built in 1942-1945 by the Occupying Germans WW2

Fjell Fortress is located on the island of Sotra, west of Bergen. The fortifications were built in 1942-1945 by the occupying Germans to ensure the approach to Bergen. Fjell Fortress was part of the...

Herdla Museum

World war 2 museum. Collections of effects, models and facts about what happened at Herdla during the 2nd World War. Askoy Municipality.
Norway Bergen - Lysoen Island and Ole Bull Villa

Ole Bull’s Villa and Lysoen Island

The beautiful and extraordinary villa on Lysoen (the Island of Light) was built as a summer residence for the Norwegian violin-virtuoso Ole Bull in 1873.
Norway Voss Skjervefossen Waterfall

Skjervefossen waterfall

Tallest Single Drop is 229 feet or 70 meters. 2 drops.

About Sotra Islands

Islands 10 km west of Bergen on the North Sea. 1550 large and small islands.
Bordals gorge at Voss

Bordal Gorge at Voss

The deep and dramatic Bordal Gorge is open for the public!
Annex at Hanevik, view of the area

The Annex and the Icehouse in Hanevik

Askoy Municipality - A beautiful resort by the sea, peaceful yet comfortable and convenient. On the island Askøy lies Hanevik, 27 km outside Bergen, a peaceful community by the fjord. In a yard surrounded by 5 houses and a boathouse, the smallest one is for rent on monthly, weekly or daily basis. Renovated june 2005. Askoy municipality.
Steindalsfossen Waterfall

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall – most photographed waterfall in Norway

Steinsdalfossen Waterfall is of the most photographed waterfalls in Norway. See more here...
Utne Hotel seen from the ferry


Great nature and beautiful wooden houses. Utne is located in Ullensvang municipal. Daytrip from Bergen. Express boat from center of Bergen.
Biking - Illustration photo from Bergen

Coastman Norway Sotra – Full Distance Triathlon by the North Sea

3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking and a full marathon. If this sounds tempting, you may sign up for the Coastman Norway held in Oygarden at Sotra, just west of Bergen.
Norway Hardanger - Hardanger Bridge Tunnel roundabout

Have you ever seen a roundabout inside a tunnel?

If there is insufficient space for a normal roundabout we make it inside the mountain. See photo here...
Voringsfossen Hike

Voringsfossen Waterfall – 182 Meter Free Fall!

Great hiking and amazing view. Voringsfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. Powered by nature.
Norway Eidfjord - P&O Cruises Oceana visiting Eidfjord Norway

Eidfjord Village Visit by Cruise Ship Oceana

Visitors in Eidfjord are greeted by the massive mountains that surround the village and the Hardanger fjord. Even the large cruise ships seems small in the Norwegian fjords.
Norway Voss - Extreme Sports Week Voss River Kayaking

Voss Extreme Sports Week ranked as best in the world

The famous Voss Extreme Sports Week is ranked as the best in the world by LonelyPlanet
Norway Os Hotels - Solstrand Fjord Hotel

Solstrand Fjord Hotel

A hotel in picturesque surroundings, outside center of Bergen.
Norway Eidfjord - View from Fossli Hotel - Voringsfossen Valley

Fossli Hotel – What a magnificent view!

Fossli Hotel is situated in the innermost end of the Hardanger Fjord ca. 30 min from the center of the Eidfjord village. The hotel has a magnificent view over the Maabo Valley (Måbødalen) and...
Voss Church, outside

Voss Church (Vangskyrkja)

Built between 1271-77, still in use with services every Sunday.

Coastal Museum in Oygarden

The Coastal Museum in Oygarden is situated on the old steamship pier in Ovaagen. The museum shows the knowledge of how the people of Oygarden have used the nature around them to create themselves...

Kinsarvik in Hardanger

Kinsarvik is located in the Ullensvang municipal. Express boat from Bergen.


Great nature. Lofthus is located in Ullensvang municipal. Express boat from Bergen.

North Sea Traffic Museum (war museum)

World war 2 museum. The fishing village of Telavaag holds a special position in the history of occupied Norway. Sund Municipality at Sotra isle.

Voss Resort (Skiing)

12 lifts and tows, 3 restaurants, 3 children's areas, two ski rental outlets and 40 km of prepared slopes. Also 20 km of cross-country skiing routes.

The Old Vicarage at Oppheim

Collection of furniture and chattels from Vossestrand

Guided Tours of Voss Town Center

Guided walk at Voss.

Stalheim Folk Museum

The museum consists of around 30 log buildings from Vossestrand and Voss, grouped together to form a traditional farm layout


National monument and Norway´s oldest non ecclesiastical building, built in 1295.

Magnus Dagestad Museum

Exhibits a large collection of Magnus Dagestad works, drawings, decorative branding and furniture.

Molstertunet Museum

This museum provides an insight into the building traditions and farming life of the past. It comprises 16 farm buildings from the period 1600 - 1870 that were in in use until 1927.

Nesheimstunet Museum

An old farmyard consisting of 12 old farm buildings - the oldest dating back to 1688.

Haugen Farm – Martastua Guesthouse

Located in beautiful cultural landcape with farms around. Here you can hill walking, fishing trips.

Hotel Ullensvang

Located to the largest fruit garden of Norway, Hardanger.

Rental Apartments in Bergen (like AirBnB)

Mettes Apartment & Guesthouse Bergen, outside

Mette´s Guesthouse Bergen

Three charming double bedrooms, sharing a kitchen and bathroom, in the 65 m2 apartment on the ground floor of our family home in the centre of Bergen.
Jeppes House, the living room

Jeppe’s House

Norway Bergen Apartments - Alkoven - Rent a room

Alkoven – rent a room

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Norway Bergen Attractions - Floyen view point

Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floybanen)

Magnificent views over the surroundings islands. Numerous paths offer easy walks through beautiful woodland terrain.