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The Bergen Railway is also known as the "Bergen Line" and in Norwegian language "Bergensbanen". In this article series we refer only to it as the Bergen Railway. Facts about the Bergen Railway The railway is...

Here you can see the iPhone prices in Norway...
Norwegian Recipes - Boiled Cod

What food is Norwegian? Here you can learn more about Norwegian food...
National Day May 17th

Text for the Norwegian National Anthem
Norway - Norwegian Money

Short brief bout the Norwegian currency.
Norwegian Recipes - Boiled Cod

Delicious boiled Norwegian cod - healthy and easy to prepare :) Norwegian Cod Recipe You need: Fresh Cod - 100-150 gram per person Vegetables - We used vegetables like broccoli, zucchini and asparagus. Potatoes The cod was boiled for approx....
Norway Attractions - Stave Churches - Borgund Stave Church

There are only 28 stave churches left in all of Norway. These churches take their names from the distinctive building technique using vertical staves.

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The Norway Hotels site is all about finding the right hotel for you in Norway. Finding the right hotel for might not be easy if you are new in town. Where is the center...

Complete agent list for booking outside Norway.

About calling to Norway and the Norway country code.

What does being Norwegian mean?

Everyone who speaks Norwegian, whether it be a local dialect or one of the two standard official languages, can be understood by other Norwegians.

The term folk art is relatively new and is used to describe the decorative products of rural home-industry and craft of the pre-industrial period.

The Norwegian cultural heritage holds many treasures. Popular story telling may be the among the finest of these treasures.

Norway in a nutshell is one of the most popular round trips in Norway.

Norway is located in the northern part of Europe.

In the period from 800 to 1050 A.D., the Nordic peoples made their dramatic entry into the European arena.

Norway - peopled by wild barbarians and full of strange and fantastic creatures.

Rental Apartments in Bergen (like AirBnB)

Strandgaten Apartment, the living room

A very nice 3 rooms apartment located in the center of Bergen. Perfect for 1-4 persons. The location is very nice and quiet, located along the shopping street “Gaagaten” walking street. Read more here...
Jeppes House, the living room

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Wonder what is inside of it. Animals, and two of all? We will visit it again in a few days.