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The 400 year-old Hanseatic Altona Cellar

Altonakjelleren - The 400 year-old Hanseatic Altona Cellar
Norway Bergen - KODE Museum Lysverket and Restaurant Lysverket

7 Best Gourmet Restaurants in Bergen

White Guide Nordic is a ranking of all the best Nordic gourmet restaurants. The restaurant Lysverket ranks at a great fourth place in Norway. Here you can see the full list of restaurants in Bergen on the list in 2015.

Restaurant EGON in Kjottbasaren

Special and nice atmosphere in an old merchant building.

Lucullus Restaurant Bergen

One of Bergen's finest gourmet restaurants with French inspired chefs.

Bryggeloftet & Stuene Restaurant

Popular restaurant at Bryggen (the waterfront).
Norway Bergen - Restaurant Old Bergen Tracteursted

Old Bergen Tracteursted

This restaurant is a part of the Old Bergen Museum.

Peppes Pizza at Zachariasbryggen

Nice pizza restaurant located by the Fish Market.

Peppes Pizza at Ole Bull’s plass Bergen

Popualar pizza resturant in the very heart of Bergen.
Norway Bergen - USF Culture House Bergen

Cafe Kippers USF Bergen

Cafe Kippers USF is a popular cafe for artists. Outdoor serving in the summer season. USF Verftet, where the café is located, is a former sardine factory (USF => United Sardine Factory). Now it is...

Casa del Toro

The Mexican food is known for being spicy, but you'll also find mild dishes.


Eat Norwegian food! Full a la carte menu, ranging from small dishes to three course menus.
Norway Bergen - Royal Gourmet Burger og Gin

Royal Gourmet Burger and Gin

Wide selection of burgers, as well as Norway`s largest selection of Gin. Located in the very center of Bergen, next to the public cinema. The street address is Neumannsgate 2A A part of the menu:
Norway Bergen - Radisson Blu Hotel Norge Bergen

Best Restaurants in Bergen Norway

Three restaurants in Bergen are now listed in the White Guide Nordic list of Scandinavia’s top 250 restaurants. White Guide Nordic aims to be the Michelin guide’s alternative in the Nordic countries. Get more information here...

McDonalds by the Bergen Fish Market

A typical McDonalds restaurant, nothing more or less.
Norway Bergen Restaurants - Bergen Matbors, inside

Bergen Matbors – Next to the Famous Bergen Fish Market

The restaurant house Bergen Matbors is located in the famous Fresco Hall in the Bergen city center, close to the "Fish Market in Bergen." The house itself has a rich history and great unique...
Norway Bergen Restaurants - TGI Fridays Bergen

TGI Fridays Bergen

A beef and hamburger restaurant located in nice surroundings.
Norway Bergen Hotels - Hotel No. 13

Restaurant BARE pa 13 Bergen

Norwegian street food. Simple, fast and very well. Read more information here...

Zupperia Bergen

Soups. Relaxed atmosphere in a minimalist environment. Nice prices.
Norway Bergen - UNA Restaurant and Microbrewery

UNA Restaurant and Microbrewery – Many good reasons to visit this place

UNA Restaurant and Microbrewery is a very nice, popular and relaxing restaurant and microbrewery located at Bryggen in the very center of Bergen. This place is good for so many reasons: Good location between Bergen Fish...
Norway Bergen - Restaurant Dickens

Dickens Restaurant

At daytime it is a popular meeting place for business people.
Norway Bergen Restaurants - Nama Sushi

Nama Sushi Bergen

Sushi, raw fish. Haddock, Halibut, oysters, shrimps and crabs, salmon and salmon roe.
Norway Bergen Restaurant - Ulriken Restaurant SkySkraper

Ulriken Restaurant Sky:Skraper

At the top of Mount Ulriken you may visit the Ulriken Restaurant named sky:skraper, translated to Sky Scraper in English. sky:scraper Restaurant Up there at sky:scraper, you can enjoy some of the most delicious food and...
Norway Bergen - Floyen Folk Restaurant

Floyen Folk Restaurant – lunch with a nice view

Discover one of Bergen's most remarkable restaurants with an amazing view over Bergen. Floyen Folk restaurant is located at the top of Mount Floyen. You can get here either by the funicular or walk...
Norway Bergen Restaurants - Sumo Restaurant

Sumo Restaurant Bergen

Sumo is based on Japanese traditional Ramen soup and noodle bars.

Enhjorningen Restaurant

Enhjorningen Fish restaurant, is on the Hanseatic wharf, so rich in traditions.

Hot Wok Bergen

Quick, quite good and reasonable priced wok, pizza and soups.

EGON Restaurant at Hotel Bristol

We offer lunch, starters, steaks, fish dishes, pizza, wok dishes, moussaka, fajitas, hamburgers, salads and desserts.


Good food in a minimalistic oriental restaurant.

Dolly Dimples Pizza – Bergen Storsenter

Serving newly made pizza. Menu or a single slice, it is up to you! Also take away option. Located at the ground floor. Location: Bergen Storsenter Shopping Mall. Center of Bergen. Address: Stromgaten 8 Telephone: +47...

Burger King – Bergen Storsenter

Located at the ground floor. Location: Bergen Storsenter Shopping Mall. Center of Bergen. Address: Stromgaten 8 Telephone: +47 55 32 89 01.

Potato Cellar (Potetkjelleren)

A cozy restaurant located next to the fish market in Bergen. Norwegian-English translation: Potet => potato Kjeller => Cellar

Harbour Cafe

Cafe located at Torget

Restaurant Two chefs

Our specialties is game, fish and seafood.

McDonalds at Torgallmenningen

Hamburgers, ice cream, mineral water...

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