Norway Bergen - Sundt by Night

Sundt Shopping Mall

Mainly clothing shops. Sundt shopping mall is located at Torgallmenningen, close to the famous Fish Market in Bergen

Main Post Office in Bergen

The Main Post Office in Bergen is located in the very heart of Bergen, in the shopping mall Xhibition. Selling stamps, post cards, envelopes and related articles. Location: Located in the center of Bergen. Address:...

Bergen Public Library

The library is located in the center of Bergen, next to 'Bergen Storsenter' (Shopping mall). Here you'll find books, music, dvd and related. In addition you'll also find international newspapers and magazines. If you want...

Vinmonopolet – Where to Buy Wine and Liquor in Bergen

Here you'll find information on where to buy wine, spirits and strong beer in Bergen.
Norway Bergen Shops - Ziva Jewelry at Bryggen

Gift idea from Bryggen: Handmade silver jewelery, all made in Bergen

Are you looking for a special gift in Bergen? Handmade in Bergen? Here is a tip for you :) At Bryggen you find the Ziva Jelnikar Design silver workshop where you can buy hand made...
Norway Bergen - Colonialen Fetevarer Bergen

Colonialen Fetevarer Bergen – Best of French, Italian and Norwegian Cheeses and Meat

Recommended visit for an excellent lunch in Bergen.
Kloverhuset Shopping Mall. Photo © Jarle Bjordal

Kloverhuset Shopping Mall

Focus on finer clothing and fashion. Shopping center located close to the Fish Market.
Galleriet Department Stores, outside

Galleriet Shopping Mall

In the Galleriet shopping mall you find restaurants, wide range of shops, art gallery and a pet shop.


Lot333 is a clothing store in the center of Bergen, in Kong Oscarsgate (short walk from the famous fish market). Here you find brands like Surface2Air, Won Hundred,Stine Goya, Mads Nørgaard, Black Lily, Nike, Adidas,...
Bus Station aka Bergen Storsenter Department Stores

Bergen Storsenter Bystasjonen Department Stores

Bergen Storsenter Bystasjonen is the main bus terminal in Bergen and also a shopping mall
Norway Bergen - Hoyer Shopping Center outside

Hoyer Fashion Shop Bergen

Recently opened shopping center for lady fashion and men's fashion.
ARK Beyer Book Store in Strandgaten Bergen. Copyright:

ARK Beyer Book Store Strandgaten – Travel related books in Bergen

A large bookstore located in the heart of Bergen. Best selection of travel related books in Bergen, also in English.
Norway Bergen Shops - Gunvor Handmade Illustration at Bryggen

Gunvor Handmade Illustration

In this great shop and workshop of Gunvor you will find cool cards, illustrations and prints with lovely motifs. She also sells a few different books. Do you want to spruce up your office,...
Xhibition Departments Store

Xhibition Shopping Mall

Newest shopping mall in Bergen. Wide range of products. Large nice price grocery at basement floor.

Husfliden Handicraft Bergen

Husfliden in Bergen was established in 1895 with the purpose to promote Norwegian handicraft.

Julehuset – Christmas Shop at Bryggen

At the 1st floor: An all-year Christmas shop with a large selection of typical Norwegian Santa Claus called the 'Nisse'. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at famous Bryggen in Bergen

Optikus Krohn – Bergen Storsenter

Tests, controls/checks, contact lenses, glasses. Brands like: Gucci, Christian Dior, Polo Sport, Diesel, Adidas, Peak Performance, Face A Face, Mario Conti, Moschino, Bjørn Borg, Ricco Vero, Germani, Arnette, Nina Ricci, Police and Silhouette. ...

Narvesen Kiosk – Bergen Storsenter

Wide selection of reading matter and traditional kiosk merchandises. One of the best selection of magazines in Bergen. Also agent for lottery and pools. Also foreign newspapers. Located at the ground floor. Location: Bergen Storsenter Shopping...

Schau Design

Retro and collectors items.

Ruben’s Toys

A toy store with a differance. Educational, traditional, for children from 0-100+ years. Two floors with 300 m2. An experience you will not forget! We accept all cards.

Gallery Hetland

Collection of drawings/paintings by the Bergensian artist Audun Hetland (1920-1998)

National Costumes Center (Bunad)

National Costumes and accessories from all over Norway

Juhls Silver Gallery at Bryggen

TUNDRA is the name of their exclusive jewellery which is inspired by the magical of the nature of the north. Tax-free shopping. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at Bryggen in Bergen. Telephone: +47 55...
Oleana Knitting

Oleana Knitting

This is Oleana's own brand shop in Bergen. Prize-awarded Norwegian design produced in Bergen. Full collection shown in the stire. Silk scarves from Tyrihans and Norwegian silver from Huldresolv. Mailing service for abroad. Tax...

Ting at Bryggen

The Norwegian word meaning 'thing' in English. It is a gift shop with a lot of 'things', including traditional fashionable knitwear, for both Norwegians and tourists. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at Bryggen in...

Troll at Bryggen

A small shop with a large selection of trolls in varying shapes, sizes and materials. Open only during the summer season. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at Bryggen in Bergen.

Audhild Viken (Bergen) at Bryggen

Here you'll find traditional souvenirs, gifts and knitwear. They have a large selection of Skjaeveland knitwear, which has specialized in exclusive knitwear since 1929. Location: Bryggen. Center of Bergen. Address: Located at Bryggen

Schott at Bryggen

Traditional souvenirs and knitwear, with a specialty in rainwear of Helly Hansen, Norwegian flags and streamers. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at Bryggen in Bergen

Baker Brun – Bryggen

A cozy bakery located at the famous Bryggen in Bergen.

Norli Book Shop – Galleriet

A wide selection of poetry and drama, imaginative literature, specialized books, textbooks, technical books and children's books. In three floors. Location: Galleriet Shopping Mall. Center of Bergen. Address: Torgallmenningen 8 Telephone: +47 55 96 28...

Sportsgalleriet – Galleriet

A nice sports shop within sport shoes, ski and sports fashion. Location: Galleriet Shopping Mall. Center of Bergen. Address: Torgallmenningen 8 Telephone: +47 55 96 09 25.

Leketoyhuset – Galleriet

Brands like Brio, Marklin and Fisher-Price. Located at the 3rd floor. Norwegian name: Leketøyhuset - Galleriet. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Galleriet at Torgallmenningen Telephone: +47 55 32 11 30.

Konfektgalleriet – Confectionary Candy

Assorted exclusive chocolates from Belgium. Brands like Daskalides and Matthe. Sold by weight.

Leroy Mat – Galleriet

Everyday commodities, fruit products and the largest cheese shop in town.
Norway Bergen Apartments - Alkoven - Rent a room

Alkoven – rent a room

Alkoven - rent a room, is located in a small boarding house in history filled conservation area. Traditional wooden house from 1885 with wonderful view over the sea.

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