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See beautiful Bergen after dark here. Great collection of great photo from Bergen, even more beautiful at night-time.

Hanseatic Bryggen in Bergen - Building tradition dating back almost 900 years. Come visit, see and feel the Bergen history
This Bergen sunset photo is taken at the Brushytten area, close to Mount Floyen. Easy accessible from the center of Bergen.
This evening we had a nice red and orange sunset, and the Bergen sky was like a great painting. Wonderful Bergen :) Photo taken at February 25th 2013.
Beautiful Bergen sunset tonight :) Just wanted to share this very nice Bergen sunset photo with you :) It is taken last day of the winter of 2014, at March 31st. Next month is spring month, we hope. Photo...
This morning it was full moon in Bergen. At the photo you see the moon over the isle of Askoy, seen from the center of Bergen. The photo was taken 6:30am from Skansen, in the center of Bergen. Photo taken in...
Tonight you may see the full moon at the clear sky in Bergen :)
We would like to share some amazong photos with you. The fog came sagged over Bergen city center 3 AM last night. These are some of the pictures we took
This amazing sunset photo is taken from the Fjellveien area in the center of Bergen. Do you LIKE it?
Night stroll by pond Lille Lungegaardsvannet. The Lille Lungegaardsvannet is a small salt water pond in the very center of Bergen. At the left side you see the art museum alley with the KODE museums. At the right side you...
Just wanted to share a nice evening view from Mount Floyen today. The photo is taken from the top of Mount Floyen, facing the very center of Bergen. In the background you can see the isle of Askoy and the...
Norway Bergen - Sundt by Night

Sundt by night

We just wanted to share this night photo with you. The photo is taken in the very center of Bergen, view of Torgallmenningen at the left-hand side. In the front you can see the blue stone, a very popular meeting...
This photo is taken a few hundred meters above the funicular lower station in the center of Bergen. It is called Skansedammen, or in English "The Skansen Pond". In the old days this was a water reservoir in case of...

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