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All about the world famous Bryggen in Bergen

This hotel is convenient for those who want to stay affordable and centrally located in the center of Bergen. Located next to the famous Bryggen in Bergen. On the other hand, the hotel has the Bergen Fortress as...
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Bryggen is one of the few exclusive hotels in Bergen, located at the famous Bryggen in Bergen.
The top luxury hotel in Bergen, opened in 2006. The suites are the finest available in Bergen. Located at the famous Bryggen. Center of Bergen.
A quite unique hotel in a traditional heritage building at Bryggen.
Located in the center of Bergen, only 2 minutes walk from the famous Bryggen. The 60m2 apartment is suitable for 2 persons, easily equipped with extra bed.
Hanseatic Bryggen in Bergen - Building tradition dating back almost 900 years. Come visit, see and feel the Bergen history
Today, the Norwegian Armed Forces, visited the center with one of their submarines. It came into the harbor, turned 180 degrees and disappeared quietly again to Byfjorden.
Hanseatic Museum Bergen has old interiors from the 18th and 19th centuries. Here you find useful information about the museum...
Beginning of April, and we felt the feeling of spring in Bergen today. Strolling, smiles, lunch outdoors and much people. And many boats by Bryggen. Photos taken with an iPhone.
Hotel located next to the world famous heritage site Bryggen. Center of Bergen.
Popular restaurant at Bryggen (the waterfront).
St. Mary Church is the oldest building in Bergen. The church is from the first half of the 12th century, and one of the most outstanding Romanesque churches in Norway.
All the information you want to know about the only Bergen Airport. Location, transfer, services, check-in, baggage, exchange, security, and more.
Bryggen Museum, outside

Bryggen Museum Bergen

The archeological excavations of Bryggen.
Are you looking for a special gift in Bergen? Handmade in Bergen? Here is a tip for you :) At Bryggen you find the Ziva Jelnikar Design silver workshop where you can buy hand made silver jewelry. Here you can find...
Ruins of the St. Catherine Church and St. Catherine Hospital
To make it easier for you, we have put together a few suggestions for day programs in Bergen. Choose from these options and put together your own combination.
A resistance movement museum - World war 2 - secret radio room at Bryggen. Center of Bergen.
Best products from farms in Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane.
Popular Christmas Market in the Haseatic buildings Shcotstuene, in English known as the Haseatic Assembly Rooms. This year it is the 10th time this market is arranged. In Norwegian language this market is known as "Julemarked i Bergen - design...
In this great shop and workshop of Gunvor you will find cool cards, illustrations and prints with lovely motifs. She also sells a few different books. Do you want to spruce up your office, or maybe at your home,...
Vividly illustrate social life at the famous UNESCO site Bryggen in Bergen.
At Bryggen Tracteursted you will find a modern kitchen inspired by the traditions from Bergen and Hanseatic cooking.
Just wanted to share this photo from famous Bryggen today, it is such an idyllic winter mood :) Do you LIKE it? Do you want to stay in this neighborhood? Than take a look at Kroken Apartment – next to Bryggen, this...
At the 1st floor: An all-year Christmas shop with a large selection of typical Norwegian Santa Claus called the 'Nisse'. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at famous Bryggen in Bergen
Here you can see the famous Bryggen in Bergen by winter. At the left side you can see the Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret.
Does the museum in Bergen maintain any written documents from the Hanseatic times? David J. Hi David :) There is no written documents from the Hanseatic times at display in the Hanseatic Museum in Bergen, at least not for visitor reading. Most...
The Yacht ICE is docked next to Bryggen, in walking distance to most of the attractions in the center of Bergen. The yacht ICE is registered in the Cayman Islands and was previously owned by Russian billionaire Suleyman Kerimov. Ice...
Today has been busy at the harbor of Bergen, with many visitors from near and far. We saw boats from both Norway, Germany, Canada and USA. Here are some photos from the Bergen harbor today: Visitor from USA Setting sail

Enhjorningen Restaurant

Enhjorningen Fish restaurant, is on the Hanseatic wharf, so rich in traditions.
Finding the Koengen concert arena in Bergen

Gallery Hetland

Collection of drawings/paintings by the Bergensian artist Audun Hetland (1920-1998)
A real steak for a real hunger.
TUNDRA is the name of their exclusive jewellery which is inspired by the magical of the nature of the north. Tax-free shopping. Location: Center of Bergen. Address: Located at Bryggen in Bergen. Telephone: +47 55 32 47 40.
Little Homes, outside the house

Little Homes (Rental Apartments)

Family residential property in Sandviken, one of the most picturesque areas in Bergen. Here you will find a cosy, special and well equipped Apartment in a house built in the early 18th century, and rich on culture and traditions.

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