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Are you looking for a special gift in Bergen? Handmade in Bergen? Here is a tip for you :) At Bryggen you find the Ziva Jelnikar Design silver workshop where you can buy hand made silver jewelry. Here you can find...
Clothing, metal, jewelry, glass and wood. In the very center of Bergen.
Made in Bergen retail If you’re looking for the cool underground shops of Bergen, Skostredet is the right place. Just before Christmas, the street got a brand new member. Behind a facade of cyan colored raindrops, you’ll find a broad...
Exhibitions of arts, craft, and design.

Schau Design

Retro and collectors items.

Rental Apartments in Bergen (like AirBnB)

Kleivesmauet Apartment, the kitchen

Kleivesmauet Apartment

Welcome to Kleivesmauet Apartment, close to Bryggen and St. Mary church. The 80 m2 high standard apartment is located a couple of minutes away...
Norway Bergen Apartments - Alkoven - Rent a room

Alkoven – rent a room

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Norway Bergen - Bergen Airport from 2017.

New Bergen Airport Terminal in 2017

This new terminal is now under construction and it is located next to the existing terminal today.
Norway Bergen - Bergen winter scene

Amazing Bergen Winter Scene