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Here you can see photos from the 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen.
Magnificent views over the surroundings islands. Numerous paths offer easy walks through beautiful woodland terrain.
Come and see the unique view from the top of Mount Ulriken! The Ulriken Mountain Restaurant is open when the cable-car is running. Dinner, beer and wine. During summer the outdoor restaurant serves grill food.
You are welcome to join the 5 free organized hikes close to the center of Bergen.
Nice hike starting in the very center of Bergen. Great views. This return hike is approx. 9 kilometers long.
Amazing view from hike at Mount Blaamanen in Bergen
Brushytten is a mountain cabin kiosk by the foot of Mount Blaamanen and Mount Rundemanen, a nice, short and easy hike from the top of Mount Floyen.
Bergen has much to hikers at all levels. Go hiking by yourself, with friends, with organized hikes or larger hiking events. It is all up to you.
A annual organized hike at the seven mountains surrounding Bergen.
Really beautiful winter weather scenes at Brushytten mountain lodge today. See photos here...
Todays photo is taken at Mount Floyen next overlooking the center of Bergen.
This is the hike from Brushytten to Mount Rundemanen. Please note that this is much of the same path as up to Mount Rundemanen
Nautic Sailing offer sailing yachts in Bergen and complete sailing tours for even the most demanding companies. Nautic Sailing offer an exclusive and luxury sailing cruise on the west coast that you never forget. A trip to Hardangerfjord is highly recommended,...
A very hard run up Mount Sandviken, a path called Stoltzekleiven. Elevation 313 meters.
We joined at a very nice autumn hike today from Eidsvaag via Dreggehytten mountain cabin, mount Rundemanen, mount Blaamanen, Brushytten mountain kiosk to the center of Bergen. Approx. 3 hours hike. We really enjoyed the fresh air, the great...
This hike to the top of Mount Floyen starts in the city center, close to the Fish Market and the world famous Bryggen. The tour is suitable for most people with average health or better.
One of the main attractions of Bergen is the mountains surrounding the city. Bergen is an urban town with great scenic surroundings that you can explore. Mountain hiking is an important part of the Norwegian culture, and this is...

Lyderhorn Mountain

According to the Norse legends, Mount Lyderhorn was a place where witches got together. One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 396 meter above sea level. Well known land mark for sailors, way back in time. According to...
Popular hiking paths since the 1920's 565 meter above sea level. One of the classic mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. Has been one of the most popular hiking paths since the 1920's. Path connection to Sandviksfjellet in north and...
To make it easier for you, we have put together a few suggestions for day programs in Bergen. Choose from these options and put together your own combination.
Bergen Hiking Club is an organizer of shorter and longer hikes in the Bergen area.

Damsgaard Mountain

One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 284 meter high, located west of the center of Bergen. Hiking paths to the top. Norwegian name of the mountain: Damsgaardsfjellet.
This is view from one of the many hiking paths from the center of Bergen to the top of Mount Floyen. This hiking path is called "Tippetue". In the front you see the center of Bergen. In the background at...
We took these photos today at a autumn hike in Bergen :) It is close to the funicular station by the Skansemyren sports arena. This is on the walk down from Mount Floyen to the center of Bergen.
Nice hike from the center of Bergen via Mount Floyen panorama view point to Brushytten (mountain kiosk) and return. Hike Start: Bergen Fish Market in the center of Bergen Hike End: same as starting point. Hike summary: Time: approx. 1 hour and 30...
Nice photo taken at a wonderful hike at Mount Rundemanen, looking south at Mount Blaamanen. Quite easy walk from the center of Bergen, at least very easy from the top of the Floyen funicular. Photo taken at Sunday 7th 2013.
Norway Bergen - Lovstakken Mountain

Lovstakken Mountain

Mount Lovstakken - One of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Bergen. 477 meter above sea level. Located west of the center of Bergen. Great views from the top to Gullsteinen and Nordaasvannet in south, Fyllingsdalen in west...
Do you want to speak and practice the Norwegian language? Now you can join VisitBergen.no for a nice hike where you can practice your basic Norwegian skills. And get fresh air. And maybe get new friends in Bergen. The walk...
Fjellveien is the closest hiking path to the center of Bergen. Maybe hiking is the wrong word here as the path is very easy. Fjellveien is very popular among the locals for their Sunday stroll. Fjellveien is a quite flat...
From Mount Ulriken we followed the path over Vidden to Mount Floyen
Hard walk easy accessible from the center of Bergen
Organized, easy hikes on Mount Floyen every Wednesdays, all year. Organizer is the senior group in Bergen Turlag / Bergen Hiking Club. For more information or participation registration, contact Bergen Turlag / Bergen Hiking Club. Norwegian article name: Fjellturer hver onsdag,...
Wandering through Bergen - 900 years of history.
Many have discovered Fedje as an exotic travel destination.
Little Homes, outside the house

Little Homes (Rental Apartments)

Family residential property in Sandviken, one of the most picturesque areas in Bergen. Here you will find a cosy, special and well equipped Apartment in a house built in the early 18th century, and rich on culture and traditions.

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