Beautiful! This Is The One Norway Video To See Right Now :)

Video of Trollstigen, Bergen, Oslo, Torndheim, skiing, Norwegian fjords, surfing, waterfalls and much more
Norway Bergen Events - FIB Water Fools

Meanwhile in Bergen: Water Fools

Water theatre fills Lille Lungegårdsvann with wild, surreal and whimsical scenes in the darkness of night.
Norway Bergen - Summer at Bryggen

Practice Norwegian Language in Bergen

Now you have the opportunity to practice Norwegian in Bergen. We are Norwegians with Norwegian as their mother tongue. Read more here...
Norway Bergen - 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen

Photos from the 4 and 7-Mountain Hike 2016

Here you can see photos from the 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen.
Norway Bergen Hotels - Clarion Hotel Admiral Seen from Bryggen

Clarion Hotel Admiral Bergen Seen from Heritage Site Bryggen

Here you can see the popular Bergen hotel Clarion Hotel Admiral seen from the Unesco heritage Site Bryggen. See large photo here...
Norway Bergen - Fog over Byfjorden Sea next to Bergen

Fog Over the Sea Byfjorden in Bergen

Todays photo shows local fog over the sea just outside the center of Bergen. See the large photo here...
Norway Bergen - Preparing for the Norwegian National Day May 17th

Preparing for the Norwegian National Day at May 17th

The Viking Ship will be used as stage for the speeches at the Norwegian National Day at May 17th. Already ready :)
Norway Bergen - Outdoors at USF Verftet in Bergen

Outdoors at USF Verftet in Bergen

The highlights are the outdoors atmosphere by the sea all day and in the evening. Very nice place to meet friends for drinks.
Norge Bergen - Ubåt på sightseeing i Bergen

Norwegian Submarine Visited Bryggen Today

Today, the Norwegian Armed Forces, visited the center with one of their submarines. It came into the harbor, turned 180 degrees and disappeared quietly again to Byfjorden.
Norway Bergen - Summer at Bryggen

We Are Looking forward to the Summer

We reminisce about the summer of last year, and looking forward to this year's summer :)
Norway Bergen events - Market day Torgdagen in Bergen

Bergensian Anthem – Sang til Bergen/Nystemten

The text is written by Johan Nordahl Brun in 1791. The melody is composed by the Frenchman Jean-Baptise Lully in the 15th century and revised by Johan Halvorsen in 1921. Also called "Jeg tok...
Norway Bergen - Gamlehaugen – The Royal Residence in Bergen

Spring Visit at Gamlehaugen Royal Residence in Bergen

We visited the Gamlehaugen Royal Residence today, this is where the Norwegian King and the Norwegian Royal family stays when they visit Bergen.
Norway Bergen Travel - Bergen Train Station

We Answer: Bergen Airport to Bergen Train Station

This is how you get from Bergen Airport to Bergen Train Station. Quick and easy. Read more here...

Spring Feeling in Bergen Today

Beginning of April, and we felt the feeling of spring in Bergen today. Strolling, smiles, lunch outdoors and much people. And many boats by Bryggen. Photos taken with an iPhone.

3D Map: Hike to Brushytten Mountain Lodge (Mount Floyen)

Nice hike starting in the very center of Bergen. Great views. This return hike is approx. 9 kilometers long.
Norway Bergen - View from hike at Mount Blaamanen

Great Hike to Mount Blaamanen – Time for Coffee

Amazing view from hike at Mount Blaamanen in Bergen
Norway Bergen - Great hiking in Bergen

Bergen – Norway’s Hiking Capital?

Bergen has much to hikers at all levels. Go hiking by yourself, with friends, with organized hikes or larger hiking events. It is all up to you.
Norway Bergen - Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret - at famous Bryggen heritage site

5 Star Hotels in Bergen Norway – Here is the List of the Top...

Are you looking for 5 star hotels in Bergen? Here we tell you about the top hotels in Bergen Norway.
Norway Bergen - Flying with broom prohibited on Mt. Floyen

Flying with Broom Prohibited at Mt. Floyen

Funny sign at Mt. Floyen in Bergen :) You should be updated at any police controls if you are going out to fly in this area. If you want to see the sign, you can...

BT – Bergens Tidende (Newspaper)

The largest newspaper in Bergen, also including the other municipals in Hordaland.

BA – Bergensavisen (Newspaper)

A local newspaper for Bergen.

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Norway Bergen - The Skansedammen Pond

Todays Bergen Photo: Creaking Ice at Skansedammen Pond

Todays photo is taken just above the very heart of Bergen and the lower funicular station.
Norway Bergen - National Day May 17th

May 17th: Norwegian Constitution Day

In order to understand the dominant place occupied by the celebration of the 17th of May in the national consciousness it is necessary to view it against its historical background.
Norway Bergen - Bergen winter scene

Amazing Bergen Winter Scene

View of center of Bergen covered in snow. See large photo here...
Norway - Norwegian Airline

We Answer: bergen airport code?

Here you find the bergen airport code. Read more here...
Norway Bergen - Winter weather at Brushytten mountain lodge

Beautiful Winter Weather at Brushytten Mountain Lodge Today

Really beautiful winter weather scenes at Brushytten mountain lodge today. See photos here...

Norwegian Language – Style of Writing

How to write addresses, dates and how to use You, Mr. and Mrs. in Norwegian language
Norway Attractions - Stave Churches - Borgund Stave Church

Stave Churches Norway – Learn more about them here

There are only 28 stave churches left in all of Norway. These churches take their names from the distinctive building technique using vertical staves.
Norway Bergen service - The tourist information office in Bergen

Bergen Tourist Information Office

Contact information for tourists and visitors to Bergen.

Official Paperback Bergen Guide

Content and limitations in the official paperback Bergen Guide.
Norway Bergen - Winter Hike at Mt. Floyen in Bergen

Hiking at Mount Floyen and Winter view of Bergen

Todays photo is taken at Mount Floyen next overlooking the center of Bergen.
Norway Bergen - Ice at Skansedammen Pond in Bergen

Go Ice Skating on Skansedammen in Bergen

Get ready to go ice skating in the center of Bergen.
Norway Bergen Bars - Borskjelleren Bar, inside

Stock Exchange Cellar Bar (Borskjelleren Bar)

The Stock Exchange Cellar Bar - Welcome to pretzels, sausages, and a good drink! The Stock Exchange Cellar Bar was established as a beer hall 1 March 1894, and was operated with great success until...
NiceLiving Apartment, the living room

Nice Living Apartment and Rooms

This lovely apartment is located in a quiet street in the center of Bergen. Major tourist attractions, museums, cafés and food shops are just...

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Norway Bergen - Airport Bus in Bergen

Bergen Airport Bus Stops in Details

Detailed information about the Airport Bus stops to and from the Bergen Airport, where it stops and where to get off the bus. Here you find all you want to know about the bus stops.