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General articles related to Bergen and Norway. Exciting reading.

Norway Bergen - National Day May 17th

May 17th: About the Norwegian Constitution Day

In order to understand the dominant place occupied by the celebration of the 17th of May in the national consciousness it is necessary to view it against its historical background.

Visits during the Easter

Recommended reading, written by Les Symonds.
Norway Bergen - Fog over Byfjorden Sea next to Bergen

Weather Bergen – Bergen weather forecast

Bergen weather forecast is difficult to make, here we give you the big weather overview.
Norway Bergen service - The tourist information office in Bergen

Bergen Tourist Information Office

Contact information for tourists and visitors to Bergen.
Norway Bergen events - Market day Torgdagen in Bergen

Bergensian Anthem – Sang til Bergen/Nystemten

The text is written by Johan Nordahl Brun in 1791. The melody is composed by the Frenchman Jean-Baptise Lully in the 15th century and revised by Johan Halvorsen in 1921. Also called "Jeg tok...

Terms and Conditions

Your use of this Site and the Services is expressly conditioned on your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of the following terms and conditions,...

Norwegian Language – Style of Writing

How to write addresses, dates and how to use You, Mr. and Mrs. in Norwegian language
Norway Attractions - Stave Churches - Borgund Stave Church

Stave Churches Norway – Learn more about them here

There are only 28 stave churches left in all of Norway. These churches take their names from the distinctive building technique using vertical staves.

Official Paperback Bergen Guide

Content and limitations in the official paperback Bergen Guide.
Galleriet Department Stores, outside

Public Toilets in Bergen

Find public toilets in a hurry!

Edvard Grieg – the greatest Norwegian composer

Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) is the greatest composer Norway has fostered.

Parking in Bergen

Do you want to find information on parking in Bergen? Here you get some very useful tip. Please do not park like the Italians at the photo. Not even if you are very hungry for...
Norwegian Recipes - Boiled Cod

Norwegian Food – Learn more about it here

What food is Norwegian? Here you can learn more about Norwegian food...
Norway - Norwegian Money

Norway Currency – This is the Currency of Norway

Short brief bout the Norwegian currency.
Norway Bergen Reviews - Brenda - Many great places in Bergen!

Many great places in Bergen!

I visited Bergen, Norway, in July 2011, with my mother and daughter; we stayed in Norway for 3 weeks and visited many relatives. We traveled from Oslo to Bergen by car with cousins, who...
Norway Bergen - LiLong Reviews Bergen

So plenty of seafood in Bergen

We visited Bergen in july, 2011, we are a family. We took a cruise to the port and visited the Bergen city by bus and walking. I am very impression the friendly people...
Amalie Skram (1846-1903)

Amalie Skram (1846-1903)

One of the leading Nordic naturalist writers of her time.

Photo information and usage terms

Licensing, Availability, and Copyright All photos and images (the "photos") displayed on this web site are Copyright Bergen Promotion ("BP")/Bergen Guide and may not be copied or published, electronically or otherwise, without the express, written...

Calling to Norway / Telephones in Norway

About calling to Norway and the Norway country code.

Skillingsbolle – The Bergensian Cinnamon Bun

Ever heard about a Skillingsbolle?

Absolute center of Bergen – Definition

We define the Fish Market as the absolute center of Bergen.

Police in Bergen

The police headquarters in Bergen.

Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen (1841-1912)

Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen, who first described the leprosy bacillus (Mycobacterium leprae) and who indeed was first to link a disease to a microorganism.

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