Mount Blaamanen Hike – Moderate Hike in Bergen

Norway Bergen - Hike to Mount Blaamanen in Bergen
Norway Bergen - Hike to Mount Blaamanen in Bergen

If you want to continue hiking from Brushytten into the mountains you can go up to the top of Mount Blaamanen and Mount Rundemanen, two peaks close together.

This is the hike to Mount Blaamanen from Brushytten. Please note that this is much of the same path as up to Mount Rundemanen.

Earlier we have written about the hike from Bergen city center up to the Mount Floyen view point and further hike from the Floyen view point to Brushytten. Now we continue from Brushytten.

This hike to Mount Rundemanen starts at Brushytten.
The Mount Rundemanen is located north west of Brushytten, in plain sight from Brushytten. To get there it is one uphill in moderate elevation. The path is good, 2-3 meters wide all the way, with asphalt almost all the way. Approx. 1 kilometer.

You’ll have a nice view almost from the start of this path. Almost at the top you come to a pond; here you have to go to the right hand side, else you come to the top of Mount Rundemanen. When we get to this pond we use to refill our water bottles as this is drinking water pool for the city. No swimming here please.

From the pond it is just 100 meters top the top of Mount Blaamanen.

Hiking at Vidden to Mount Ulriken or back home
From the top of Mount Blaamanen you may continue hiking via Mount Rundemanen to Mount Ulriken or go back down. If you choose to continue you will now follow the trail called “Vidden”. Expext to use between 3 to 6 hours depending on your health, speed and stops.

To the top of Mount Rundemanen
You may also go over to the top of Mount Rundemanen, quite easy. Expect to use approx. 10-15 minutes between these two mountain tops. Elevation around 50 meters and distance around 300 meters. Go back down to the pond and follow the path straight ahead (where you turned left on your way up) then you get to the top of Mount Rundemanen.

Yet another alternative is to go down again to Brushytten in the southern end of Mount Blaamanen, then you have a nice roundtrip. Please note that the path down here it quite rocky, but still very nice. We recommend no high heels or strollers this path.

There are also other paths to go down to the Bergen city center but we advice you to use the main paths in case you get lost.

If you’re ever in doubt, ask for direction.