Summer and Winter Time in Norway – Adjust Your Clock

Statsraad Lehmkuhl at Bradbenken - Bergen Norway
Statsraad Lehmkuhl at Bradbenken - Bergen Norway

Summer time is a scheme that set all the clocks forward one hour from normal time. Several countries, including Norway, have introduced this to take advantage of the bright parts of the summer days. Summer time therefore refer to the period of the year when the clocks are set forward 60 minutes compared with the rest of the year.

The current regulations on daylight saving time determined the normal time for the Kingdom of Norway in the time between 0200 AM last Sunday in March and 0300 AM last Sunday in October.

Practical – set the time:
Set to summer time: 3 AM last Sunday in March.
Set to winter time (normal time): 3 AM last Sunday in October.

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