Bergen Railway – Oslo to Bergen

Norway Travel - Bergen Railway
Bergen Railway. Foto/Photo: Rune Fossum & NSB.

The Bergen Railway is also known as the “Bergen Line” and in Norwegian language “Bergensbanen“. In this article series we refer only to it as the Bergen Railway.

Facts about the Bergen Railway
The railway is 496 kilometers long or 308 miles, from Oslo to Bergen.
Highest railway in Northern Europe, 1237 meters above sea level.
Highest railway stop is at Finse, 1222 meters above sea level.
Roughly three departures per day; morning, afternoon and evening.

At Finse you find the Finse 1222 Hotel. Scenes in one of the Star Wars movies are filmed in this area. Nice area for skiing during the winter and hiking during the summer.

From Oslo or Honefoss?
Some people say the Bergen Railway is only between Honefoss city and Bergen (371km/231miles). Most people in Norway see the whole distance from Oslo to Bergen as the Bergen Railway. If you buy a ticket in Oslo for the Bergen Railway you should get a ticket from Oslo to Bergen.

Bergen Railway train stations:

  • Oslo S (Oslo Central Train Station)
  • Nationaltheatret
  • Lysaker
  • Asker
  • Drammen
  • Hokksund
  • Vikersund
  • Honefoss
  • Flaa
  • Nesbyen
  • Gol
  • Aal
  • Geilo
  • Ustaoset
  • Haugastol
  • Finse
  • Hallingskeid
  • Myrdal (detour to Flaam)
  • Upsete
  • Voss
  • Dale
  • Vaksdal
  • Arna
  • Bergen

We will tell your more about each of these train station stops 🙂