Bergen Map: Dokken Cruise Ship terminal to Bryggen

Norway Bergen - Dokken Cruise Ship Terminal
Norway Bergen - Dokken Cruise Ship Terminal

Get quick and easy from Dokken Cruise Ship Terminal to famous Bryggen Bergen heritage site.

Dokken Cruise Ship terminal in Bergen is also known as Dokkeskjaerskaien in Norwegian language.

Bryggen is also (but less) known as Tyskerbryggen in Norwegian language and Hanseatic wharf.

Facts about Dokken to Bryggen
Elevation: approx. 30 meters.
Distance: approx. 1500 meters.
Time walking: approx. 19 minutes.
Road crossing: many
Wheel chairs: quite easy, some bumps and pavement edges

On your way from Dokken to Bryggen Bergen
Along this path you will be passing DNS (theatre), the Blue Stone, Torgallmenningen city square and Bergen Fish Market.

Map by Google.