Bergen Airport to Hurtigruten Terminal Bergen

Here we tell you how to get from Bergen Airport to Hurtigruten Terminal. This one is quite easy 🙂

First of all;
1. Bergen Airport is located outside the center of Bergen.
2. Hurtigruten Terminal is located in the center of Bergen.

You have several options. We recommend this option:
Travel with the Bergen airport bus from Bergen Airport to the center of Bergen. Leave the bus at Festplassen airport bus stop, this is the second stop in the very center of Bergen. From here you can walk 850 meters.

Get off the bus at Festplassen,
walk 220 meters east to the street Haakonsgaten,
walk north (right) 630 meters in the street Haakonsgaten,
you are now at the Hurtigruten Terminal.

The second option is going by the airport bus to Festplassen and go by taxi from there. The minimum taxi fare is approx. 170 kroner.

The third option is going by taxi directly from the Bergen Airport. Easy.

The fourth option is going by Bergen Light Rail, then walking from the end stop to the terminal.

Renting a car just to drive this distance is not recommended, unless you are transporting a soccer team or something like that. It takes time to get the rental car and you have to deliver the car in the center of Bergen.

Norway Bergen - Hurtigruten Terminal in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Hurtigruten Terminal in Bergen

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