This is the program for the Norwegian Constitution Day in Bergen at May 17th 2020.


Morning at May 17th 2020 in Bergen

6:50 AM Starting the celebrations at Dreggen, close to Bryggen.

7 AM First cannon salute from Skansen Fire Station. Highly recommended to not be closer than 150 meters due the sound and air pressure wave from the cannons.

7 AM Festive ringing of the bells in Bergen Cathedral, Korskirken Church and the St. Mary’s Church

7 AM Morgenprosesjonen (parade) departure from Dreggen to Festplassen City Square

Approximately 7:40 AM The Morning Procession ends at Festplassen City Square with speeches

Approximately 10:30 AM Cannon Salute from Skansen Fire Station

Approximately 10:30 AM After salutes from Skansen, Hovedprosesjonen departure from Koengen arena to Festplassen City Square

Approximately 10:40 AM: Flaggtoget (schools, scouting and buekorps) departure from Torgallmenningen City Square to Festplassen City Square

Afternoon at May 17th 2020 in Bergen

Cannon Salute from Bergenhus Fortress at noon.

Approx. 12:45 PM The Hovedprosesjonen ends with speeches from the Viking Ship at Festplassen City Square, the traditional 17 May-tribune in Bergen. There will be concerts and games and entertainment to the national day ends.

1 PM Dinghy races in the Lille Lungegårdsvannet next to Festplassen.

1 PM Matinee at Den Nationale Scene (The National Stage)

1 PM Student orchestras and choirs perform at Den blå stein by Hotel Norge, Musikkpaviljongen (the Byparken pavilion), at Sjømannsmonumentet (the sailors’ monument) etc.

1 PM Matinee at Den Nationale Scene (national theatre)

1:30 PM Parachute jump over Lille Lungegårdsvannet next to Festplassen City Square

1:30 PM Dragefjellets Musikkorps performs at Musikkpaviljongen

Evening at May 17th 2020 in Bergen

6:30 PM Folk music and folk dance at Festplassen City Square (the Viking Ship).

7 PM Entertainment at Festplassen (the Viking Ship), ending 10:45 PM.

7 PM Choir concert in Korskirken Church, free entry.

10:30 PM Torchlight Procession from Bergenhus Fortress to Festplassen via Torgallmenningen and Nordahl Bruns gate. Meet up by Håkonshallen at 22:15 at the latest.

11 PM Lighting of Beacons on the great mountains surrounding Bergen.

Approx. 11:15 PM Fireworks at Festplassen. We recommend meet up approx. 11 PM.

There will be a lot of partying and nightlife in the center of Bergen at May 15th, May 16th and May 17th.

Quick dictionary:
Hovedprosesjon = procession / parade
Flaggtoget = schools, scouting and buekorps

Norwegian title: 17. mai feiring i Bergen and
17. mai program Bergen på engelsk

Norway Bergen - National Day May 17th
Norway Bergen – National Day May 17th