Most Norwegians celebrate Christmas, whether they are Christians or not. In Norway we mainly celebrate the Christmas on Christmas Eve at December 24th, at this day we eat good traditional Norwegian food and give each other Christmas presents.

Norway Christmas Traditions – When is Christmas in Norway

  • December 24th: On Christmas Eve shops closes earlier than usual, between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. This is the day we give the presents, go around the christmas tree and sing christmas songs, unlike most other countries that do this at Christmas Day.
  • December 25th: On Christmas Day, all stores closed. In Norway we use this day for visiting family and friends. And strolls and local hiking.
  • December 26th: On Boxing Day, all shops are closed.
  • At the December 27th most shops has regular opening hours.
Norway Bergen - Idyllic winter mood at world famous Bryggen
Norway Bergen – Idyllic winter mood at world famous Bryggen

Norway Christmas Tree

Of course we need a Christmas tree to decorate for Christmas. Most prefer natural trees, but in the recent years some also buy plastic trees. Anyways, it is the Christmas feeling that counts.

Norway Christmas Markets

Most cities in Norway have Christmas markets with crafts and traditional food. Many of them opens in the second week of December. Most popular are Oslo, Roros, Bergen and Trondheim. The city of Roros must be the definition of winter and Christmas feeling 🙂

Norway Christmas Food

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Food is a very important ingredient of Norwegian Christmas celebrations, beginning as early as in November, when restaurants start serving their Christmas specials

Please note
Most hotels are closed during Christmas. Verify your hotel bookings.
Most tourist attractions are closed most days of Christmas.

Norway Bergen - Bryggen dressed for Christmas
Norway Bergen – Bryggen dressed for Christmas