Bergen Airport Bus is the best way to get to the center of Bergen, with its frequent airport bus service. To the airport: leaving from Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at Bryggen, via Bergen Fish Market, Radisson Blu Hotel Norge and the bus station to the airport and return (the same route). Approx. 25 minutes bus ride at off-peak hours, up to 45 minutes at peak hours. For departure times, inquire the airlines or at the Tourist Information (roughly: departs three times per hour, less frequently on weekends).

Please note that the bus may use some time in the very center of Bergen to pick up passengers, especially at peak hours. Expect to add 20 minutes in the very center of Bergen at peak hours, counting from the starting point at Bryggen.

First and last airport bus departure
First departure at week days is around 4am from the center of Bergen to the airport and the last airport bus from the airport to the center of Bergen departs around 15-20 minutes after the last flight landing. This is information per April 2015. For more information and updated information please inquire at the airlines, your hotel or at the tourist information office at Bergen airport Flesland or in the city center.

Airport Bus stops to the center of Bergen
Starting at the airport. From here it is two lines, both going to the center of Bergen; one via Fyllingsdalen and one via Lagunen. It does not matter which one you use if you’re going to the center of Bergen as they stop at the same places in the center of Bergen. The bus stops only at sign between the airport and the first stop in the center of Bergen. The bus stops in the center of Bergen are: Bus station, Festplassen, Fish Market and Bryggen.

The Airport Bus stops to the Bergen Airport
Starting at Bryggen, outside the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. Next stops in the center of Bergen are: Fish Market/Lido, Radisson Blu Hotel Norge and the Bus station. Between here and the airport the bus stops for new passengers. Two lines to the airport; either via Fyllingsdalen or Lagunen (every second departure).

Read more about the airport bus stops in the center of Bergen.

Bergen Airport Bus Prices 2018

(Prices updated at December 14th 2018)

Bergen city center – Bergen Airport:
Adult/Family NOK 115 on smart phone, internet & ticket machine.

Return ticket Bergen city centre – Bergen Airport:
Adult/Family NOK 195 on smart phone, internet & Ticket machine.

Return ticket is valid for 365 days.

They accept credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), but not foreign currency. No refund on unused tickets.

The Bergen Card does NOT include transportation from or to the airport.

Norwegian name: Flybussen Bergen Flesland.
Location: Airport / Center of Bergen.
Telephone: +47 177 (local calls).

Norway Bergen - Airport bus in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Airport bus in Bergen

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