Todays Bergen Photo: Creaking Ice at Skansedammen Pond

Norway Bergen - The Skansedammen Pond
Norway Bergen - The Skansedammen Pond

Todays photo is taken just above the very heart of Bergen and the lower funicular station.

It is approx. 5 degrees Celcius outside (feels colder) and blue sky.

At the photo you see the Skansedammen pond where you can go ice skating when it is ice there. The water depth is just 10 centimeters. Now we are waiting for better ice skating conditions.

At the photo you can also see the Skansen Fire Station.

The closest hotel is Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz, see also Skansen Pension 🙂

Getting to Skansedammen
The best way getting here is by walking. If you cannot walk uphill for any reason, the best option is going by Floybanen funicular to the Promsgaten station (be sure it stops here as some of the departures go direct to the top).