Bergen has much to hikers at all levels. Go hiking by yourself, with friends, with organized hikes or larger hiking events. It is all up to you.

Bergen is encircled by seven mountains, and you can hiking on even more mountains in the Bergen area. It is also short distance to great hikes in famous Fjord Norway.

This summer we will go hiking by the Hardanger Fjord and the Sogne Fjord. We will tell you all about it here and give you all the tips and information you need to go there too. Or maybe use it as motivation for a more active life where you stay.

7 Mountain Hike Bergen

The first tough hike we will join is the 7 mountain hike here in Bergen in the end of May 2016. Maybe you want to join us? We expect to use approx. 8 hours, maximum.

Norway Bergen - Great hiking in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Great hiking in Bergen