Bergen Beer Festival 2019 will be held at Koengen arena / Bergenhus Fortress at August 30th and August 31st 2019.

Bergen Beer Festival will be bigger than ever before! A total of 45 Norwegian breweries with over 400 different beers will be present at this popular annual festival. This information will be updated.

Please note that this is not an October Beer Fest, but a festival where you can more like taste different beers from all over Norway. Quite small drinking glass, containing 1 deciliter (equal to one tenth of a liter). You have to pay to taste the beers.

Next to this festival you will find the popular Bergen Food Festival (Koengen). This will be an exciting weekend for anyone interested in Norwegian beer and food!

Where is Bergen Beer Festival – Location and Getting there

You will find both these two festivals within 5 minutes slow walk from the Bryggen UNESCO heritage site right in the center of Bergen. Entrance ticket (arm band) valid for both festivals, all public opening hours.

Bergen Beer Festival Dates 2019

August 30th and August 31st 2019.

Bergen Beer Festival Opening Hours 2019

Friday, August 31 at 12 PM – 9 PM
Saturday, September 1 at 12 PM – 8 PM

Closest hotel to the festival area is Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge, or try the search for other hotels in Bergen here:

Norway Bergen Events - Bergen Beer Festival
Norway Bergen Events – Bergen Beer Festival

Quick Facts
Bergen Beer Festival = Bergen Øl Festival (logo is BØ)
Brewery = Bryggeri
Bergen Food Festival = Bergen Mat Festival