Bergen gets its first street food festival! Bergenhus Fortress (Bergenhus Festning) turns into a paradise for street food enthusiasts.

Where is the Bergen Street Food Festival? Tell me location, please

The festival will be held at Bergenhus Fortress, in the very center of Bergen. Walking distance from Bryggen and Bergen Fish Market. Easy walk, no elevation.

When is the Bergen Street Food Festival? Dates, please

The festival will be held at May 19th and 20th 2018.

Opening Hours for the Bergen Street Food Festival? Hours, please

Saturday May 19th 2018: Noon to 8pm.
Sunday May 20th 2018: 1pm to 8 pm.
Free Entrance for All.

How Big is Bergen Street Food Festival actually?

This is the first street food festival in Bergen, so this is a start. The politicians in Bergen has banned food trucks in public spaces so we are working hard to establish and introduce the great way of food in Bergen. Back to your question; right now there will be 12 street food kitchens at this festival.

What can Bergen Street Food Festival offer then?

Here is some of what you can find at this first food festival:

  • Bien – Steam buns
  • Diggin Foodtruck – Delicious sandwiches, salads and hot dishes!
  • Hallaisen – Local Ice Cream with best possible ingredients! 
  • Holy Crêpe – Enough said?
  • Horn of Africa – Best food from Etiopia! 
  • La Mexicana – I don’t like tacos, said no Juan ever…
  • MELT – World class grilled cheese sandwiches
  • PastyWorld – Best street food from UK – Cornish pasties!
  • Søtt + Salt – One of the best kitchens in Bergen – Now also from Food Truck! 
  • Takoyaki – Real Tasty Food from Japan
  • Vegan Pop-Up – Good tasting vegan!

Happy festival, yet another success 😉