Day Trips from Bergen

Norway Bergen - Lysoen Island and Ole Bull Villa
Norway Bergen - Lysoen Island and Ole Bull Villa

Here are some suggestions for 1 day trips from Bergen

1Villa Lysoen

Visit to Isle Lysoen in Os Municipal. Including a short stop at Lysekloster ruins

2Fjell Fortress

Fortress on Isle Sotra. Including a 4 km return walk from the parking site.

3Rosendal Barony

Well-known and beautiful barony by the Hardanger Fjord. Recommended to visit during the spring and the summer. Possible for nice hiking to a nearby summit if you make it into a 2 day trip.

4Glesvaer and Marsteinen Light House

Also at Isle Sotra, in the very south end. Possible to stay over night in the light house. Cool 🙂


Isle with an old merchant place. Open in the summer season.

6Kayaking next to Glaciers

We have to look into this. Expensive organized trip.


We want to try freediving. This is possible many places in Fjord Norway. What about freediving in natural current?

Day trip to Eidfjord and the world famous waterfall Voringsfossen with a 182 meter free waterfall. Also recommended as a 2 day trip, with a overnight at Fossli Hotel (next to the waterfall) or Quality Hotel Voringfoss (next to the fjord).

9Fishing and Grilling

We want to go fishing in Fjord Norway. And we will also try to prepare it right after catching it. This require some planning.
We will add more in the coming weeks, and we will also write about the visits and activities her at this website and other website (links will be provided here).