Norway Bergen - Vikinghytten Mountain Lodge
Norway Bergen - Vikinghytten Mountain Lodge

Bergen Hiking

(Bergen Norway) Hiking in and around the city of Bergen is easy as the center of Bergen is surround by 7 mountains. In this article I will write about the bergen hiking trails you can go by yourself or sign up for an organized hike. Hiking in all of the bergen hiking routes is totally free, the only cost may be the bus fare to the mountain hiking starting points.

This following presentation of the 7 mountains is sorted by distance from the very center of Bergen, from closest hiking trails to hiking near center of Bergen.

In our articles about hiking in Bergen you can also read about hiking trail and routes on each of these mountains, with details and insiders information. The author of these hiking articles are living in Bergen and goes hiking on these mountains every week, all year.

Bergen Hiking from the Center of Bergen:

1Mount Floyen Hike

Norway Bergen - Winter Hike at Mt. Floyen in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Bergen Hiking from the Center of Bergen

Hiking at Mount Floyen starts right in the center of Bergen, in walking distance from most of the hotels in the center of Bergen. The top of the mountain is 400 m (1,300 ft) above sea level. The view point from the top of the mountain is one of the most popular attractions in Bergen, and maybe on the Norway Top Attractions list. From the view point you can choose between many trails and hiking routes continuing to other mountains and alternative routes down to the center of Bergen.

If you want to learn more about your trails and route options you can read articles dedicated just for Mount Floyen.

Getting to Mount Floyen Bergen
The hiking route up starts just next to the Floyen Funicular lower station, from here you can choose by going up by the funicular or walk up. Expect to use 1 hour by foot or 7 minutes by the funicular plus standing in line.

Most of the routes offers nice hiking paths with gravel. In the winter season you should expect to walk on snow and use winter shoes. Partly railings along many of the routes where needed. In general, most of the hikes here are quite comfortable and accessible for most hikers.

Hiking paths from the Bergen city up to Mount Floyen:

  • Bergen city to Floyen via Tippetue
  • Bergen city to Floyen via Floysvingene
  • Bergen city to Floyen via Skredderdalen
  • Bergen city to Floyen via Skansemyren
  • Bergen city to Floyen via Munkebotn / Sandviken Sykehus Hospital
  • Bergen city to Floyen via Bellevue
  • Bergen city to Floyen via Isdalen and Rundemanen

Following hikes are related to Mount Floyen:

  • Rundemanen hike
  • Blaamanen hike
  • Brushytten Mountain Cabin hike
  • Sandviksfjellet hike
  • Stolzen or Stolzekleiven hike – Tough and steep uphill path with 800 stairs
  • Floyen Mountain miscellaneous cabins open for the public
  • Fjellveien hike – An easy and flat hike along the mountain side of Floyen

You can read separate articles about these related Floyen hikes.

2Fjellveien Hike

This is a very popular path for easy hikes all year, especially for Sunday strolls. The views overlooking the center of Bergen is great, very nice for photographing the city after dark. If you arrive your starting point at Fjellveien from the city, then you can go either north or south directions, both return hikes to you starting point. You can also go down to the city again using other routes through the residential areas below Fjellveien.

The Fjellveien hiking path is quite flat, with eiter asphalt or gravel. Street lights after dark.

Getting to Fjellveien
Getting from Bergen city to Fjellveien is easy. The absolute easiest way is going by the funicular from the city to the stop called Fjellveien. The other option from the city is to walk up, this is an approximately 10-15 minutes walk, but it is quite steep nice roads. If you are not fit, we recommend the funicular.

Please note that not all the funicular departures stops at Fjellveien, so you should verify this before entering.

Read more about the Bergen Fjellveien Hike – The Easy Bergen Hike

3Stolzen / Stolzekleiven Hike

Norway Bergen - Stoltzekleiven
Norway Bergen – Stoltzekleiven Hike

This is a very popular hike, and even also popular as a uphill run with more than 800 stairs and quite steep. When you are at the top of Stolzekleiven, you are on part of the Mount Sandviksfjellet. Read more about the uphill run Stolzekleiven Up.

From the top of Stolzekleiven you can continue up to Mount Rundemanen, Brushytten Cabin and Floyen. You may also go back to the city via Munkebotn or Skredderdalen.

Getting to Stolzekleiven
Getting to the Stolzekleiven starting point is very easy and short walking distance from the city. Walk from the city up to Fjellveien hiking path, then go north. After approx. 15 minutes you will arrive at the starting point.

4Bergen Photo Walk in Bergen City

Would you like to go on a nice stroll at places like peninsula Nordnes in the beautiful and photogenic residential areas? Even with a local knowing all the good photo locations. It is possible in the summer of 2020. You can sign up for the organized Bergen Photo Walk or send them your request for your own program photo walk.

Popular photo locations in Bergen:

  • Nordnes is located in walking distance from the center of Bergen.
  • Skansen is located next to the very heart of Bergen
  • Sandviken is also located close to the city

Link to signup for Bergen Photo Walk coming soon.

5Mount Ulriken Hike

Norway Bergen – Ulriken Cable Car (Ulriksbanen)
Norway Bergen – Ulriken Cable Car (Ulriksbanen)

The top of Ulriken is 643 m (2,110 ft) above sea level and offer in general tougher hikes than Floyen, especially up and down from the top. Ulriken is the highest mountain in Bergen. From the top of Ulriken you will have great view of the Bergen area in the south, west and to the north, including the center of Bergen. You can also see many of the other mountains surrounding Bergen. It is mainly two major routes you can follow up and down. The first one is a path under the cable cars, this is route tough and you must expect to get dirty of mud and water. The other path is called Sherpatrappene, named after the skilled Nepalese sherpas building the stairs partly covering the path. The stairs are newly built and this path is the most popular for most people.

Following hikes are related to Mount Ulriken:

  • Hike Up Mount Ulriken – A tough hike only for fit hikers
  • Turnerhytten hike – Easy return hike from the top to a public cabin
  • Ulriken to Floyen: Bergen Vidden Hike – Hike from Ulriken to Floyen
  • Mail Route hike – Hike to Borgaskaret and followingg the mail route down to Isdalen valley and further to back to the city

You can read separate articles about these related Ulriken hikes.

Mount Ulriken Restaurant
At the top there is a restaurant called “Skyskraperen”, translated to the cloud scraper. This restaurant has limited opening hours, so you should verify this before leaving the the city if you are hungry. The restaurant opens in May 2020 for the summer season, I do not know the date right now.

At the top, it is also a tiny kiosk for snacks and souvenirs.

Getting to Mount Ulriken Bergen
You can walk from the center of Bergen all the way up to the top of Mount Ulriken. However, we recommend that you go by the bus from the center of Bergen to Haukeland Sykehus Hospital, as this part is not particular exciting. Buy ticket at the bus stop, get on the bus and expect to use approximately 10 mintes by bus. From Haukeland Sykehus Hospital, walk over the small brigde and follow the road signs uphill to the Ulriksbanen Cable Car lower station.

You may also go by the bus from the center of Bergen to Montana Youth Hostel and start the hike from there. The bus ride is a little bit longer, ask the bus briver to notify you when to get off the bus.

Both bus lines departures from just outside the shopping mall Xhibition, not far away from the Bergen Fish Market. The address is “Lille Strandgaten” if you would like to use google maps on your smartphone.

6Vidden Trail Bergen

The Vidden Trail in Bergen, between Mount Ulriken and Mount Floyen is very popular all day hike. The hike itself takes approximately 5 hours plus breaks, plus time to get from the city to the starting point Mount Ulriken. Be sure not to start to late as it may get dark and be sure to dress as good as possible to be prepared for the weather and the terrain. Great views along the hiking path.

I will write a longer review of this trail as soon as possible as I have walked this path many times and I also have nice photos from this hike. Including tip on how to dress and what to bring.

Hiking Day Trip from Bergen
We highly recommend the Vidden trail if you want to go for a longer hike in the Bergen area. Expect to use most of your day. It is some walking up and down so you may want to do some stretching after returning to the city.

Getting from the city to Vidden Trail Bergen
We suggest that you start your hike at Ulriken going to Floyen. We will write a dedicated article about this hike, including getting to the starting point.

Hiking near Bergen Norway:

The following three mountains are located on the other side of the fjord Puddefjorden and we recommend that you go by bus from the center of Bergen to the different starting points. I think most of the buses departures from a street named Olav Kyrres gate, next to the shopping malls Galleriet and Xhibition. Buy bus tickets at the bus stop before entering the bus. Good idea to also buy a ticket for the return.

If it is possible, we recommend that you join organized hikes to the following mountains because it can be difficult to to find the starting points and getting from the end points and back to the city. Bergen Hiking Club has several free hikes in the area that you can join.

7Mount Lovstakken Hike

Norway Bergen - Winter photo of Mount Lovstakken
Norway Bergen – Mount Lovstakken Hike

The top of Lovstakken is 477 m (1,565 ft) above sea level and offer nice hikes. Expect to use longer time than you estimate when looking at the mountain from the city, both because of transport coordination and the hike length. The mountain is bigger in the west direction then it looks from the city.

Getting to Mount Lovstakken Bergen
We recommend that you go by bus from the center of Bergen to Melkeplassen, ask the bus driver to notify you when to get off the bus at the right place. It is a little bit tricky to find the starting point as you have to walk through a residential area. Bring a hiking map and ask the locals for directions if you are in doubt. Most people are nice, you know.

Following hikes are related to Mount Lovstakken:

  • From Melkeplassen to Lovstakken hike
  • From Lovstakken to Solheimsviken hike

We recommend the return hike from Melkeplassen to Lovstakken.

8Mount Damsgaardfjellet Hike

Norway Bergen - 7-Mountain Hike 2016 in Bergen
Norway Bergen – Mount Damsgaardfjellet Hike

The top of Damsgaardfjellet is 284 m (932 ft) above sea level and offers nice view from the top.

Getting to Mount Damsgaardfjellet Bergen
You can go by bus from the city either to Melkeplassen or Nipedalen, the two opposite starting points. As for the hike above we recommend that you join an organized hike as the start points may be difficult to find. As always, bring a hiking map. Do not start walking from the city to Nipedalen as this is a quite long distance to walk, do not use your time here.

Following hikes are related to Mount Damsgaardfjellet:

  • From Nygaard/Nipedalen at Laksevaag to Damsgaardsfjellet
  • From Damsgaardfjellet to Melkeplassen

The nicest hike path is the hike from Nipedalen. Quite tough hike in the beginning, then it is getting easier.

You can read separate articles about these related Damsgaardfjellet hikes.

9Mount Lyderhorn Hike

The top of Lyderhorn is 396 m (1,299 ft) above sea level and is a popular destination for a little bit tougher Sunday hikes.

Getting to Mount Lyderhorn Bergen
Do not start walking from the city to Gravdal as this is a too long distance to walk, do not use your time here. Go by bus from the city to Gravdal. Follow the signs to the company Nutec Safety Center or the Nemo Diving Center. The starting point is in this area.

Following hikes are related to Mount Lyderhorn:

  • Gravdal at Laksevaag to Lyderhorn
  • Lyderhorn to Nygaard
  • Lyderhorn to Loddefjord

We recommend the return hike from Gravdal to Lyderhorn as this is the easiest path if you are unfamiliar in this area.

Bonus tip: Plan to use some time at the 2nd world war area just after the starting point. Here you will see the remains of the the air defense during the world war 2.

You can read separate articles about these related Lyderhorn hikes.

Bergen Hiking Club

Serveral Bergen hiking tours is arranged by the popular Bergen Hiking Club, also known in Norwegian language as “Bergen Turlag”. Lately they have changed their name to include the county, so they are also referred to as “Bergen and Hordaland Turlag”. Hordaland is the county where Bergen is located.

Other Hiking near Bergen Norway

Gullfjellet Hike
The first that goes to our mind is Gullfjellet outside Bergen. We will go hiking here in the spring of 2020 and report back to you.

Arna hike
Arna is a small community at the other of Mount Floyen. You can get there either by bus or train. The train is your quickest option.

I have heard that it is nice hiking paths next to Arna, and also seen photos from there but never been there. We will explore the Arna area this summer.

Fjord Hikes near bergen:

Voringsfossen Waterfall Hike
Hiking to the Voringsfossen waterfall can be done on a day trip from Bergen. You will need a car, otherwise this may take two or three days depnding on the bus schedules. I have done this hike and can highly recommend it. I have written an article dedicated just for the Voringsfossen hike.

Naroyfjorden Hike
In the spring of 2020 we will go hiking by the fjords at the west coast of Norway. We will write dedicated articles for each of the hikes. We will keep you updated.

Important for all hikes

  • Bring a map
  • If you are in doubt, as the locals
  • Wear clothing according to the weather conditions, including winter hiking in norway
  • Remember the weather can change rapidly
  • Wear good shoes
  • Bring bottle water
  • Bring some energy bar
  • Bring equipment and misc according to your hike
  • Adjust your hikes to your level of fitness and skills
  • Do not start your hiking too late in the day as it may get dark
  • We cannot accept any responsibility for you, your actions or your hiking
  • Do not try to be a super hero or an explorer
  • Leave nothing but your footprints
  • Enjoy the nature
  • Use common sense

Happy hiking 🙂

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This article is written by Team Bjordal.

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I recommend the Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz for hikers in Bergen. This is a very popular hotel in the very heart of Bergen, located next to famous Bryggen Heritage Site. Top feedback and rating from hotel guests.

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