Apply NOW for Summer Jobs in Norway (April 2019)

Norway - Apply for Summer Jobs
Norway - Apply for Summer Jobs

Do you want a summer job in Norway? Then the right time for applying for the summer job is right now!

Many Available Summer Jobs in Norway

You you find available jobs often at service related employers like restaurants, hotels and attractions. The jobs may include tasks like guiding, waitering, cleaning, receptions, drivers and customer services.

Right now we see a lot of vacant job posters around at the souvenir shops in Bergen. Soon, when the summer season soon start at Bergen Fish Market they will also look for sales persons with seafood knowledge.

How Do I Find a Summer Job in Norway?

The best is if you can meet up in person as they would like to know if you are, in example, a good sales person or a good representative for their company. We guess very few employers will hire somebody without meeting them first.

Alternatively, ask for a meeting at services like FaceTime, WhatsApp and Skype.

But where can I find the summer jobs?
Most attractions and hotels in Bergen are listed here at Bergen Guide, you mat start contacting them. You also find most attractions and hotels in Norway at Tripadvisor, that is a good start.

List of all the Bergen Hotels
List of all the Bergen Attractions

Summer Job in Norwegian language
Summer = sommer
Job = jobb

So you can also google the location in Norway plus add “sommer jobb”. Many Norwegian employers write summer job ads in English so do not forget to just google the location in Norway plus “summer job 2019”.

How Can I Apply for a Summer Job in Norway

All employers advertising vacant jobs will instruct you how to apply for the job.

Most likely job application procedure

  • Write your application and CV in English
  • Follow the instruction on how to send your job application
  • Most likely send it to an email address
  • Alternatively you have to fill in a form and upload your attachments

If you decide to send an job application to a company that does not advertise vacant jobs, then you should find an email address for the HR-office or a manager on their homepage, and send it to them.

We suggest that you send you application and CV in pdf-format, not MS Word as many people do not have this software.

What Papers and Permits do I Need to Work in Norway?

You must be sure that you are allowed to both stay and work in Norway. We do not know all the requirements for each foreign country, so you may google it for your country or contact a Norwegian embassy in your country if you are in doubt. Most EU rules applies in Norway as we are a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), but we are not a member of the European Union (EU) itself.

We cannot assist you with this as we are a tourist office and not a public employment office, this article is just to inform you that the right time for applying for summer jobs is right now.

Where in Norway can I get a summer job?

Summer jobs are available all over Norway. You may take a closer look in northern Norway and remote tourist destinations in Norway as fewer are applying for these jobs.

Please Note

This is an article about WHEN to apply for summer jobs in Norway, in general.

This is NOT a vacant job advertisement for jobs in our company, we are not hiring now.

Please do not send your job application to us.

Norway Bergen Attractions - Hanseatic Bryggen World Heritage Site
Norway Bergen Attractions – Hanseatic Bryggen World Heritage Site