Train Norway: Oslo to Bergen by Train

Norway Oslo Travel - Oslo Train Station
Norway Oslo Travel - Oslo Train Station

Oslo to Bergen by Train

Main train stops between Oslo and Bergen
Oslo – Gol – Geilo – Ustaoset – Finse – Myrdal – Voss – Bergen
Bergen – Voss – Myrdal – Finse – Ustaoset – Geilo – Gol – Oslo

Roughly three departures per day; morning, afternoon and evening.
Fare: Estimated price: NOK 600 .- (Travel ticket: kr. 570. Additional cost outbound: Seat: kr. 30). Discounts available.

The Bergen Line
This line connects the two most important cities in Norway, Oslo and Bergen, and the train journey “over the roof of Norway” is and experience in a class of its own.

The Bergen Line is a unique experience on Northern Europe’s highest railway. One of the greatest challenges for the Bergen Line is the harsh and changeable weather. The line is exposed to deep low-pressure centers from the west, which can mean strong winds and heavy snow for part of the year. Keeping the railway open demands great effort and technical expertise. Skilled workers, effective equipment, tunnels and snow tunnels currently make the Bergen Line one of the safest and most comfortable ways of traveling between Oslo and Bergen. This line is recognized as being one of the top 20 railway experiences in the world.

Contact information Oslo Train Station

Telephone: +47 815 00 888.

For information when in Norway, please call NSB reservation service at phone number: +47 815 00 888 and dial 4 for English speaking operator.