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Norway Bergen - Bergen School Museum
Norway Bergen - Bergen School Museum

Most people have a clear idea of what a school is, but the history of schools is as varied as the values and ideologies that have dominated society at different times. At the Bergen School Museum you can go on an exciting journey through the history of Norwegian schools – and therefore of Norwegian society – right from the middle ages through to modern times.

The Bergen School Museum is housed in the old school building of the Bergen Cathedral School, built after the town fire in 1702. The school itself, however, is much older, having a history that can be traced back to the 12th century. The school’s pupils include famous Norwegians like the writer Petter Dass, the dramatist Ludvig Holberg and the poet Johan Sebastian Welhaven.

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Insiders information on Bergen School Museum
In addition to the history, the friendly museum staff can tell you about the present school system in Norway. If you ask them 🙂

Norwegian name: Bergen skolemuseum.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Address: Lille Ovregaten 38
Telephone: +47 55 96 18 90.