Torgallmenningen – One of the Main City Squares in Bergen

Norway Bergen - Bergen city square Torgallmenningen by winter

Torgallmenningen City Square is one of the most popular meeting places in Bergen. The square is located between Strandgaten and Ole Bulls plass. It got it’s name after the big fire in the 1702.

Events like the Bergen Game Festival and concerts takes place here. Next to Torgallmenningen you’ll find Ole Bulls plass and the Blue Stone, in the other direction, the famous Fish Market. The Fish Market is also known as ‘Torget’.

The Blue Stone at Ole Bulls plass is one of the most well-known meeting points in Bergen.

Norwegian-English translation;
Torg or Torget => the market, the market place, the square.
Allmenning => commonable land.
Plass => area, space.

Location: The very heart of Bergen.