Free Things to Do in Bergen 2019

Norway Bergen Hiking - Fjellveien close to the center of Bergen
Norway Bergen Hiking - Fjellveien close to the center of Bergen

Suggestions of Free Activities and Free Things to Do in Bergen

To make it easier for you, we have put together a few suggestions for day programs in Bergen. Choose from these options and put together your own combination.

1View from Skansen

Skansen is located close to the lower Funicular station, a 10 minutes walk from the Fish Market. Please note that it may be hard to walk the zigzagging road to Skansen because of the incline. At Skansen, you can also see the charming old wooden fire-watchers station. Every 17th May, at 7am they fire cannon here, to mark the opening of Norway’s National Day. Free.

2Stroll in Fjellveien

(Fjell = Mountain, veien = road) If you’re already at Skansen, why not continue up to Fjellveien and a to tradition rich stroll. If you are going north, you’ll get a great overview of Sandviken and the center of Bergen. Free.

3Stroll at Bryggen

Norway Bergen Attractions – Hanseatic Bryggen World Heritage Site

(Bryggen = the famous harbor waterfront) See the Bryggen for more information.

4Stroll at Nordnes

(Nord = North, nes = headland) If you are going to the Bergen Aquarium, you are very close to the park at Nordnes. Free.

5Walk from Mount Ulriken to Mount Floyen

This trip is an all day walk and is quite hard. Walking from the center of Bergen to the Mount Ulriken cable car: 30 minutes. Walking from the lower station to the top: 50 minutes. Walking from Mount Ulriken to Mount Floyen (via Vidden): 4, 5 or 6 hours (normally 5 hours). Walking from the top of Mount Floyen to the center of Bergen: 30 minutes. It is also possible to go in the opposite direction.

6Visit the fish market

Situated in the center of Bergen. Free.

7Visit the Bergenhus Fort

Situated in the center of Bergen. Free entrance.

8Free Hiking in Bergen

Search for hiking articles here at Bergen Guide

Norway Bergen - Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret - at famous Bryggen heritage site

Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret – At Famous Bryggen Heritage Site

The top luxury hotel in Bergen, opened in 2006. The suites are the finest available in Bergen. Located at the famous Bryggen. Center of Bergen.
Norway Bergen Hotels - First Hotel Marin

First Hotel Marin Bergen

Hotel located next to Bryggen in Bergen. Center of Bergen.