Boy’s Brigade Museum (buekorps bergen)


This small museum has a collection of pictures and other items showing the activities over 140 years of the ┬┤Buekorps┬┤, a kind of boy’s brigade found only in Bergen, usually with crossbows. Probably best known for their drill. The museum is situated in the center of Bergen. Map reference D5.

The “Boy’s Brigades” may be seen in the streets in the summertime, all cars have to stop for them. It should not be any problem hearing them. At the Norwegian Constitution Day, May 17th, you can see most of the “Boy’s Brigades” in parades.

Feel free to walk behind the “Boy’s Brigade”, but don’t try to walk through the parade! Many young boys, too young to join the brigade usually walks behind the brigade.

Situated in the center of Bergen, walking distance from the Fish Market.

Norwegian name: Buekorpsmuseet Buekorps Bergen.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Address: Muren
Telephone: +47 55 55 20 00 (tourist information office)