Mount Ulriken – Highest Mountain in Bergen

Norway Bergen - Mount Ulriken cable car
Norway Bergen - Mount Ulriken cable car

Come and see the unique view from the top of Mount Ulriken! The Ulriken Mountain Restaurant is open when the cable-car is running. Dinner, beer and wine. During summer the outdoor restaurant serves grill food.

Hikes from Mount Ulriken.
Mount Ulriken is also a good starting point for hikes. A popular, but long and quite hard hike, is to Mount Floyen and it takes approx. 4 hours to walk. Mount Ulriken is higher than Mount Floyen, but it is a lot of “ups and downs” between these two mountains.

How to get to the Mount Ulriken.
The first option is by walking, this is really the hard way. The second option is to take the shuttle bus from the tourist information (in the center of Bergen) to the Mount Ulriken cable car lower station and walk from there. This walk is really hard. The third and easiest option is to take the shuttle bus and continue by the cable car to the top.

If you want some quite easy exercise, you can walk down from the mountain and then join the shuttle bus.

The Ulriken Cable Car is also known as ‘Ulriksbanen’ in Norwegian language.

Norwegian name: Ulriken Bergen.
Location: Landaas, 5 km from the center of Bergen.
Address: Ulriken 1, Landaas.
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