Vinmonopolet – Where to Buy Wine and Liquor in Bergen

Norway Bergen Shops - Vinmonopolet

The Vinmonopolet shops is the only shops in Norway where you can buy wine and spirits legally. Offers a wide selection of wine and spirits from all over the world.

We recommend that you bring your own beer, wine and spirits to Norway because of the very high prices here.

Insiders Information
You may find expensive wines at lower price in Norway than other countries due to the fact that Norway has fixed markup on the price, it is not influenced by demand.

Vinmonopolet in Bergen

In the center of Bergen you’ll find two Vinmonopol shops; one at Bergen Storsenter (bus station) and one at Valkendorfsgate (300 meters from Torgallmenningen).

Example, Bacardi Lemon 1 liter:
Norway; NOK 400,-
Spain: NOK 100,-

NOK 9 => 1 USD
NOK 10 => 1 euro

Norwegian name: Vinmonopolet Bergen.
Location: Center of Bergen.
Address: Stromgaten, Bergen Storsenter
Telephone: +47 55369462.

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