Brushytten is located by the foot of Mount Blaamanen and Mount Rundemanen, a nice, short and easy hike from the top of Mount Floyen.

What is Brushytten?
Brushytten is a very well-known mountain cabin kiosk where you can buy snack and food, waffles, chocolate, coffee, cocoa and other drinks. Many people use Brushytten as turning destination on the Sunday hike. Please note that the kiosk opening hours is limited. Outside the summer season it is only open on Sundays between 11am and 4pm. Ask at the funicular station at Mount Floyen for opening hours.

Outside Brushytten there are several benches where you can relax and eat your picnic lunch. Sometimes Bergen Turlag (Bergen Hiking Association) arrange activities here.

This hike starts at top of the Mount Floyen (view point)
This hike can be a continue of the Mount Floyen Hike Up (moderate) or you can go up by the Floybanen Funicular and get a very easy start.

The path has many turns, but overall you are going in the west direction. Around 2 kilometer one way. The trail has some uphill and the path are good for walking (2-3 meters wide all the way). The path is well marked with “Brushytten” along the way, look for the wooden posts. If you’re in doubt of the direction ask one of the locals you meet.

Along the trail you will pass several other paths, explore if you want. This may be the start of other trails, lookout points and places to sit down.

Insiders tip
A few houndred meters before coming to Brushytten there is a great view point. You may buy coffee at Brushytten and come back here and enjoy the view. You find several benches here. This is a nice point for photographing the view and you travel friends, or your loved ones.

Expect to use 30 minutes one way from the top of Mount Floyen to Brushytten, plus stops.

After Brushytten, what now?
After a visit at Brushytten you have several paths back or paths further to choose from.

Go back to Bergen city center
If you want to go back you have three options; go back the path you came from, go north back down via Mount Sandviken or go back down in south via Isdalen. The shortest and quickest way is to go back to the Floyen view point. Back down you may also go a detour via Skomakerdiket (a well-known pond).

Continue hiking
If you want to continue hiking into the mountains you can go up to the top of Mount Blaamanen and Mount Rundemanen, two peaks close together. That is in the west direction. You may also go up in the south of Mount Blaamanen.

If you want to go hiking all the way to Mount Ulriken you must go up to the top of Mount Rundemanen from Brushytten. The trail from Mount Rundemanen to Mount Ulriken is called “Vidden” in Norwegian language.

If you’re ever in doubt, ask for direction.

Norway Bergen - Winter weather at Brushytten mountain lodge
Norway Bergen – Winter weather at Brushytten mountain lodge