Fjellveien is the closest hiking path to the center of Bergen. Maybe hiking is the wrong word here as the path is very easy. Fjellveien is very popular among the locals for their Sunday stroll.

Fjellveien is a quite flat path located half way up the Mount Floyen, north to south. Here you get a nice 180 degree view of the city center and many of the areas around Bergen, and all the way to the North Sea at clear days. In the north Fjellveien is the starting point on the Stoltzekleiven trail, also very popular but very hard. Every year we arrange the run Stoltzekleiven Opp (Opp = up).

Half of the Fjellveien, the part in north, is very limited for cars. The other half is open for cars but quite few cars drive here.

Getting to Fjellveien

Fjellveien is easy acccessable from the center of Bergen. You can either go by the Floybanen Funicular to the Fjellveien mid station (please note that not all departures have mid station stops).

Or you can walk up from the Floybanen Funicular lower station up to Fjellveien. Floybanen Funicular lower station is located 200 meters from the Famous Fish Market and Bryggen.

You can also go via Sandviken (north of the city center) and Mulen and up to Fjellveien.

To decide where to you you can take a look at a free map available at the Bergen Tourist Information Office.

From Fjellveien
Along the Fjellveien you may go higher up in the mountains, to the top of the Sandviken Mountain (Sandviksfjellet), Mount Floyen, Mount Rundemanen and Mount Blaamanden. You may go up via Munkeboten, Stoltzekleiven, Skredderdalen, Skansemyren or Isdalen.

Norway Bergen Hiking - Fjellveien close to the center of Bergen
Norway Bergen Hiking – Fjellveien close to the center of Bergen